TopCar Vantage Porsche Cayenne front 3/4 view

TopCar Vantage is a Primped Porsche Cayenne

TopCar Vantage Porsche Cayenne front 3/4 view

When it comes to Porsche Cayenne upgrade packages, the Vantage GTR2 kit from TopCar has flash to spare. But not everybody looking for a tuned version of Stuttgart’s senior SUV is interested in an umpteen-piece widebody kit, or wheels the residents of the International Space Station can spot with their naked eyes; for these people, TopCar offers the “regular” Vantage kit.

Yes, the fenders are flared, and you still get a new hood and rocker panels and a pair of rear spoilers, but the front and rear fascias deviate only a little bit from the stock Porsche pieces, and the door skins are left mostly untouched. Plus the ADV.1 six-spoke wheels are finished in a stealthy shade of black, so as not to pop quite as much. Of course, TopCar will be all too happy to make interior pop as much as you like, including reupholstering it in crocodile leather. Like Mama always said, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Source: TopCar

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