The Top 50 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

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Part of the fun of riding a motorcycle (aside from, you know, the actual act of riding) is picking out riding gear. And the most important piece of riding gear is without question the helmet. Obviously, its primary function is to provide protection for your noggin, but it can also be a fashion statement.

Since there’s no shortage of styles, shapes, colors and patterns from which to choose, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a brain bucket that fits your fashion sense. And if you can’t find one that tickles your fancy, you could customize one so it does. Either way, cool motorcycle helmets are easy to attain. And the following 50 (Yep, this is the kind of list Costco would sell.) helmets are the coolest of the cool.

Insert Coin

Pac Man helmet

The Force is strong with this one

Darth Vader helmet

Helping hands

Hands helmet

Hey kids! It’s your old pal, Disturbo the Clown!

Creepy Clown helmet

Rocket pack sold separately

Rocketeer helmet

Who’s up for a game of tetherball?

Tetherball helmet

They’re so excited to be here!

Big Mouths helmets

I don’t remember you from Sesame Street…

Pink Monster helmet

Be sure to empty the pockets before washing!

Denim helmet

Hey baby, what’s your siOHMYGOD

Headwound Girl helmet


Knight helmet

What a stud

Lego helmet

The Doctors are in

Valentino Rossi Face helmet

This is not the scooter chick you’re looking for

R2D2 helmet

Autobots, roll out!

Optimus Prime helmet

Mr. Clean! Mr. Clean!

Bald Head helmet

My throttle hand is tingling

Spiderman helmet

I want to believe

Alien helmet

When the bitch seat isn’t close enough

Conjoined helmet


Tennis Ball helmet

Be like Jason! Wait, what?

Jason helmet

A girl’s best friend

Diamond helmet

Nice teeth

Smiley helmet

Holy head protection!

Batman helmet

Dem bones

Skull helmets

They still work pre-Apocalypse

Apocalypse helmets

Attack of the Moth People!

Moth Man helmet

You’ll level up just by putting it on

Beast helmet

Anyone else feel a draft?

Open helmet

On Beemer! On ‘Busa! On Gixxer! On Ninja!

Santa helmet

Bludgeoned to death? That sounds terrible, officer…

Mace helmet

Great for chasing Wookiees

Boba Fett helmet

If you recognize this, you’re officially old

Power Ranger helmet

Ye-ehp *spittoon* Shot it mahself

Creature helmet

It’s a-DOR-able

Hat helmet

Let me stand next to your fire

Flaming Skull helmet

Ideal for punking Google Maps users

Eye helmet

Maybe the Contortionist’s Kama Sutra wasn’t the best reference material…

Back-to-Back helmet

Retro helmet

HIGH-way to the danger zone!

Pilot helmet

Dumas thought “The Man in the Wooden Mask” didn’t sound hardcore enough

Wooden Mask helmet

You need a weapon?

Master Chief helmet

Game, set, spike!

Spikey helmet

Here, lizard lizard lizard…

Reptile helmet

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Not this helmet

Spongebob Squarepants helmet

Makes any motorcycle a mangacycle

Anime helmet

Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth helmet

A Stark contrast

Iron Man helmet

Yep, it’s ripe

Watermelon helmet

You won’t wear me when I’m angry

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