Top 5 Trucks and SUVs Not Sold in America title

The Top 5 Sweetest New Trucks and SUVs Not Sold in America

Volkswagen Amarok

Volkswagen Amarok 002  The Top 5 Sweetest New Trucks and SUVs Not Sold in America

If you were to hear the phrase “Volkswagen pickup,” odds are the first image to pop into your cranium would be that of the Golf/Rabbit Mk. 1 based Caddy. But the Amarok (which is the Inuit word for wolf), is about as car-based as a bass boat is. It is offered in both regular and crew cab configurations and rear- or four-wheel-drive, the beefy, body-on-frame Amarok goes toe-to-toe with the likes of the Toyota Hilux, GM Colorado and Mitsubishi Triton on the South American, European and Australasian pickup truck markets. And strangely enough, it does so with turbocharged 2.0L inline-four engines that are available Stateside: A 158 horsepower gas-burner and a TDI diesel making 138 horsepower. There’s also a 2.0L twin-turbo TDI rated at either 161 or 177 horsepower. Transmission choices are a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic, depending on the engine.

Would VW ever bring it here? Well, apparently it has been evaluating the possibility of doing so, but unless and until the aforementioned Chicken Tax is reduced or repealed, we can’t see VeeDub rolling the dice and doing it (unless they start building it at their Chattanooga or Puebla plant). And that’s just whack, Jack.