The Top 25 Most Ridiculous Road Signs

Top 25 Ridiculous Road Signs

Though some people aren’t fans of signs, the fact of the matter is they’re needed to maintain an orderly (or something loosely resembling it) modern society. This is particularly true on the road, where signs are used to keep motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike safe and informed.

Of course, some street signs are more straightforward and sensible than others. Occasionally, you come across a sign that just makes you wonder if a single human being bothered to look at it at any point during the design, printing and installation process. Here are 25 that we feel fit that description.

Here be dragons!


I don’t think planes BOUNCE off cars…

Plane vs. Car

Animal molestation is baaaad

Sheep lover

Me, I want a hula hoop

Hula hoop

Dr. Seuss’ first job? Sign-maker

Rhyming sign

Hey kids! It’s Colin the Friendly Coffin!



Falling cow

Heh heh…boobs…


Paging George Romero…


Don’t f*ck with Psychomoose

Psycho moose

So they were out of soft-edged signs?

Sharp edges

Pay attention to the whole picture

Elderly people

Light plants wish they, too, could walk

Heavy plants

Heeheehee…that tickOWWWWWW!!!


Always bury your victims COMPLETELY

We will bury you!

Don’t own an Amphicar? You’re S.O.L.

Bike bridge

Pedobear is SO 2008. Now it’s all about Pervpenguin!



Broken heel

How do the wasted people know where to cross? Huh? Huh?

Drunk x-ing

If real life was like Hot Wheels…

Hot Wheels track

Obvious sign is obvious


Thank you?

Good luck

At least the sign is honest

Honest sign

The local flasher sanctuary is a popular first date destination




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