The Top 25 Best Supercars Ever

Ferrari F40


The Ferrari 288 GTO is itself a formidable supercar even to this day, a twin-turbo, longitudinal engine mutation-in-the-name-of-homologation of the Hawaiian gumshoe favorite 308 GTB/GTS. But there was room to make it even more formidable, which is where the F40 (named to commemorate the company’s 40th anniversary) came into play. Extensive use of lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber and Kevlar, a slightly larger (2,936cc vs. 2,855cc) and more potent (478 horsepower vs. 400 horsepower) version of the GTO’s engine and improved aerodynamics (including a distinctive “basket handle” rear wing) made the F40 the most potent production car of the 1980s, and the first unmodified production car to ever top 200 mph. Will a new 488 GTB wipe the floor with it without subjecting you to the kind of physical and psychological abuse only F40s and serial killers can dish out? Absolutely. But its raw, unfiltered disposition will force you to become a better driver, and it was the last new Ferrari that Enzo himself signed off on before his death in 1988.

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