Top 12 Cheap Sports Cars that Won’t Break the Bank

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Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ

1. The Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ

FRS MSRP: $25,455

BRZ MSRP: $25,595

Engine: 2.0L boxer 4, 200BHP, 151 LB.-FT. torque

Far and away the best budget sports cars currently on sale, the Toyobaru twins are quick, agile, gorgeous, and not afraid to get sideways in the corners. Everything about these cars screams fun. Toyota even mounts the FRS on skinny little Prius tires, leaving the rear wheel drive coupe with very little grip to speak of. This seems like an odd decision at first, until the driver finds themselves drifting around corners at manageable, road-legal speeds. The car is technologically solid as well. That Subaru managed to squeeze 100 horsepower out of each liter of the naturally aspirated boxer engine is quite a feat.

The main dividing factor between the BRZ and the FRS comes down to standard equipment: the Subaru comes with more of it, and boasts an optional leather package. The styling differs slightly as well, with the apertures in the front bumper opening wider and in a more rounded fashion on the Subie.

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