Top 12 Cheap Sports Cars that Won’t Break the Bank

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Top 12 Cheap Sports Cars

We here at Sub5Zero love to write about the dream cars. Recent features have covered everything from updates to Aston Martins, to Hennessey’s next entry in the automotive arms race, to the irresponsibly powerful Charger SRT Hellcat. But while these cars promise astronomical performance, they have a price tag to match. Let’s face it: many of us who grew up with posters of Lamborghinis on our walls probably won’t end up dragging a Murcialago LP670 down the streets of Dubai, ala one Richard Hammond.

So what’s a guy to do when he wants some sporty fun on a shoestring budget? Simple: spend smarter. There are plenty of cars on the market that are as fun to drive as rides costing ten times as much. And for those of our readers who know their way around a wrench, most of these cars are fairly easy to transform into barnstorming show-stoppers. Many can also be nabbed for a much lower price, if you’re willing to pick up a salvage title or a project car. Click through for a list of the best cheap sports cars a regular Joe can actually afford.

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