Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Sports You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

Train Surfing

When you think of sports, you probably think of football, tennis or snowboarding but there are some sports that are not so common and are certainly more dangerous. So here are my top 10 world's most dangerous sports that you have probably never heard of...

Ghost Riding

Ghost Riding

Ghost riding or “ghosting” is where a person sets a vehicle in motion and then either exits to dance next to it or climbs onto the roof or bonnet to perform tricks. This sport is actively practiced in the San Francisco area of America and at least two known fatalities have occurred as a result. Popularised by the music and culture of the area, the sport gained publicity with the songs “Tell Me When To Go” by E-40 and “Ghost Ride It” by Mistah F.A.B.


Sepak Takraw

Sepak Tekraw

Sepak Takraw is played in Malaysia and many other Asian countries. It involves two teams of three players each who are not allowed to use their hands or arms to touch the ball. This results in players flipping, kicking and moving their bodies in seemingly impossible directions. To top it off, the ball is 16'' and made out of rattan or hard plastic, ouch!

Formula 1 Ice Skating

Formule One Ice Skating

To promote the return of the 2010 Canadian Grand Prix, team Red Bull decided it would be a good idea to let one of their junior Torro Rosso drivers, Sebastian Buemi, drive an F1 car on a frozen lake in northern Quebec. Not for the faint hearted, Buemi and the car slipped and slid across the ice but luckily the car was equipped with the world's only studded F1 tyres.

Cave Diving

Cave Diving

With over 500 deaths since the 1960's including many experienced divers and instructors, cave diving includes all the normal dangers of diving plus the added dangers of unknown territories, cold waters and a limited supply of air. Supposedly discovered when someone was trying to dispose of a body, cave diving has led to the discovery of previously unknown species of fish – however this has come at quite a cost.

Car Surfing

Car Surfing

Car surfing is similar to ghost riding but the only difference is one person remains in control of the car. Again, a number of people have been killed whilst practicing this sport and in a study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control it was predominantly males aged between 15 and 19 who were injured. Injuries can include broken bones, concussion, internal bleeding and paralysis.

Man vs Horse Marathon

Man vs Horse

The man versus horse marathon is held annually in Wales and involves humans racing against horses. The route is 22 miles long and competitors, both equine and human, have many natural obstacles to navigate including steep slopes and forestry. The ultimate aim is to beat the horses and win, which was recently done for the first time by a marine who had been training for this specific event.

Street Luge Riders

Street Luge

Invented by skateboarders who discovered that higher speeds could be reached by lying down, the street luge riders are required to wear a helmet or face shield, leather or kevlar suit and gloves and sturdy shoes. Riders can experience up to 5 G's and the sport has been included in such competitions as the X Games and Gravity Games.

Jet Ski Surfing

Jet Ski Surfing

We all look at surfers and think they're cool, but big wave surfing is like normal surfing on steroids. Surfers are towed by jet skis into waves up to 50ft high, big enough to engulf an entire village, which they then attempt to ride. If you are lucky enough to survive the wave, then watch out for the submerged rocks and your own board bopping you on the head. If this isn't enough to put you off, then it might interest you know that they actually have specific rules for shark infested waters too!

Skiing with an Avalanche

Avalanche Skiing

Most would say that if a place is inaccessible, then it is inaccessible for a reason. Based on this, I would say that any sport that involves flying up to the top of a snow-capped mountain in a helicopter and then jumping out and skiing down possibly being chased by an avalanche, isn't my idea of fun. Former president of The Walt Disney Co, Frank Wells, was killed whilst participating in this dangerous sport.

Base Jumping

Base Jumping

Also known as suicide jumping, base jumping requires participants to throw themselves off buildings, structures and monuments with only a parachute to stop them from slamming into the ground. Base jumping causes between 5 and 15 deaths every year and an unknown number of injuries either minor or serious. This sport is illegal in almost every country and ultimately, the lucky ones, are those who survive.

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