The Top 10 Most Dominant Race Cars of All Time

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Motorsport is, like virtually any sport, a competition. Whether you’re trying to beat your own personal lap record at a track day in a Miata that’s older than you are, going wheel-to-wheel with the best in the business with the Formula 1 World Championship hanging in the balance, or any racing endeavor in between, the fundamental goal remains the same: Be the best. And the better your car, the better your chances of being the best.

The history of motorsports is filled with cars that clearly had a leg (Wheel?) up on their rivals. But rare are the race cars that could, weekend after weekend (and, occasionally, season after season), pummel all challengers into submission and leave manufacturer executives, team managers, series officials, race promoters and parity-loving fans alike banging their heads on the table while feebly moaning “Make it stop…make it staaaahhp…” Here are 10 such mobile demoralizers.

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