The Top 50 Coolest Artistic Car Renderings

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It used to be that, when customizing a car, the only rendering of the final product you had to work with was in your mind. Maybe you had a simple hand-drawn sketch, or a photograph with annotations, but there wasn’t any way for other people to see a realistic looking forecast of how the project would look when you were done.

The arrival of Photoshop and other image manipulation computer programs, however, changed all that. Suddenly someone with a couple hundred bucks, a flash memory card reader and/or flatbed scanner, and a working knowledge of his or her chosen program and its capabilities could alter a car’s looks without even setting foot in the garage. And 3D modeling programs like Maya let you create a model of a car and view it from any angle. In celebration of humankind’s almost limitless ability to create lifelike automobiles in the virtual space, here are 50 vehicle renderings that made us go “Whoa!”

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