The Top 5 Vehicles for Car Decals

Mercedes Sprinter
Car signs can be defined by many names and come in various materials. One-way film, car magnets, window clings, and car decals are just some of the styles car owners choose to use for either personal designs or business fleets. Decals are an adhesive based product that is designed to appear as if it were painted directly on to the car’s body. Installation is a slow yet relatively easy process which can leave the car looking that much better.
Many car owners are surprised that the popular full-car wrap is really one large car decal. The overall strength of car decals is its ability to show off the design or whatever the owner would like to have. Below are the top five large vehicles for car decals.
Dodge Sprinter
Dodge Sprinter
The Sprinter has been modeled as a van as well as an RV. The interior space is a given but it is the surface area on the outside greats a canvas like effect for the owner looking to announce whatever is on their mind. Businesses, large families, touring bands, and others can communicate to other drivers using the large space.
Ford E Series
Ford E-Series
Ford’s respected E-Series van has always been a popular choice for business fleets in various industries. The car is proven and the spacious interior allows for more room for the driver. The long panels along its exterior and bi-fold doors make large graphics easy to place and design around.
Chevy Express
Chevrolet Express
The Express is a cliché van having considerable space for advertising along its panel. The bi-fold doors will not distort an image like a sliding door on other vans as well as the solid left side with the doors creates a strong space for large car decals.
Ford Transit Connect
Ford Transit Connect
Ford’s Transit Connect van is in many respects a large hybrid vehicle. The size allows for the driver to easily maneuver in a city environment as well in a transportation setting. The panel van model offers two panels on either side for decals. Still, the TransitConnect presents the most room for a unique idea because the vehicle does present small and large car body features.
Nissan NV
Nissan NV
The new NV (Nissan Van) is still entering the large vehicle/van market having only been in production since 2011. The sides are great for decal signage as well as the doors’ flat surface support car magnets well. The vehicle’s advantage over others is the upright rear window and its unique shape that catches driver’s eyes. Though the split in the middle of the window would cut the decal in half the shape is too much to pass up.

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