The Top 20 Car Themed Bedrooms

Rare is the child who does not want to personalize his or her bedroom to better reflect his or her interests. And for almost anything you can think of that kids are into, there’s a wide range of things like bed sheets, wallpaper, rugs, furniture and other things with which they can personalize their personal spaces. One of these interests of children (mostly boys, it must be said) is, of course, cars.

However, some kids don’t outgrow bedrooms decorated in an automotive motif. Some grown up gearheads refuse to expunge their Formula 1 fixation or Audi addiction from the place they rest their heads, and instead embrace it. It is for these people that we have collected the following 20 pictures of car nut bedrooms. Some are for kids and some are for adults, but all are likely to fill your dreams with the sounds of screeching tires and screaming engines. And folks, those are the best kinds of dreams.

Crib DeVille

Cadillac bed




Batmobile Bedroom

Herbie Goes to Dreamland

Herbie the Love Bug VW bed

Truck Bunk!

Truck bunk bed

Not pictured: A sign that says “No Ford fans allowed. Girls are okay.”

Holden V8 Supercar bedroom

Vorsprung durch Schlafen

Audi bedroom

A garage you’ll want to sleep in

Morris Minor bedroom

Where NASCAR fans NAP(CAR)

NASCAR bedroom

So. Many. Trademark dodges.

Cartoon racecar bedroom

Flames & Flags

Car and flames bedroom

Back to the ‘50s

1950s car bedroom

Sport Utility Bed

SUV bedroom

Formula Zzzz

Formula car bed

Speedy Sibling Slumber

Car bedroom with two beds

Junkyard Yawn

Triumph junkyard bedroom

Crazy ‘bout a Mercury bed

Mercury bed

Start ‘em off right!

Formula 1 Nursery

I don’t know who Connor is, but I like what he’s done with the place!

Personalized car bedroom

Hot Wheels, Cool Room

Hot Wheels bedroom

Master Benzroom

Mercedes-Benz bedroom

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