TECHART Unveils New Porsche Boxster & Cayman Tuning Program

TechArt Porsche Boxster & Cayman Tuning Program

TECHART has some of the most comprehensive and stunning packages available across the entire Porsche lineup. After all, this company lives and breathes Stuttgart’s every creation. As such, whenever TechArt has a new offering, it never seems to disappoint. Their new 987 Facelift for the latest Porsche Cayman and Porsche Boxster models is no exception. The new package includes two different Aerokit options, LED daytime running lights, exhaust tailpipes (glossy black or chrome), a set of sport springs and a host of carbon-fiber interior upgrades.

TechArt Program 987 Porsche Cayman & Boxster

The two body kits, Aerokit I + II, markedly improve downforce on both axles by incorporating a front spoiler with lip, a rigid rear spoiler and rear apron with integrated diffuser. The body kits were both tested extensibly in a wind tunnel to optimize drag. The Aerokit II has an integrated multifunctional daytime running light system that is built into the upper part of the front spoiler. This is available both for the Boxster-based Roadster design as well as the Cayman-based TechArt GT.

TechArt offers three distinct aluminum wheel options – Formula I, Formula II and Formula III – in either 19 or 20 inches matched with Conti Pneu Sport Contact 3 tires. The suspension system includes sport springs that allow for extreme steering angles and facilitate the chassis to be lowered as far as 30 mm.

When it comes to interiors, TechArt can provide some of the most extensive customizations in the industry, using its own saddlery and a plethora of other in-house ornamentation possibilities. For the 987 platform including both the new Porsche Cayman and Boxster, TechArt offers two different carbon interior packages with many additional options including various cuts and colors of fine leather, contrasting decorative seam piping, aluminum sport pedals and a special 3-spoke steering wheel. For an extra special touch of individualization, TechArt offers illuminated door sills with your own backlit logo or signature. No pricing information has been released as yet for the Porsche 987 Facelift program.

Source: TechArt

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