TechArt Black Edition Porsche Panamera Gets Darth Vader Treatment

TechArt Black Edition Porsche Panamera

Matte black wraps have been all the rage for the last couple of years. It was only a matter of time before the high-end German aftermarket mod shops started embracing this movement. The latest to hop on board is Porsche tuning master TechArt who has put together a solid offering for the Panamera built around this theme.

The TechArt Aerodynamic Kit I, daytime running light system and exhaust system are all in full effect. The combination of matte black vinyl adhesive applied to the body, 22-inch matte black alloy wheels and matte black calipers give Stuttgart’s new super sedan and ominous and foreboding look. The only hint of color is found in the TechArt logo emblazoned in red on the calipers. 

TechArt Black Edition Porsche Panamera

Inside, the same motif continues… Black leather and Alcantara is accented with hand-stitched red piping running along the seams of the seats. To take things one step further, interior components such as the trim, door entry guards, cup holder or air vents are painted matte black. And, of course, a dash of carbon fiber is thrown in for good measure. There is no word yet on pricing for the TechArt Black Edition Porsche Panamera.

TechArt Black Edition Porsche Panamera

Source: TechArt


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