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Riva 76’ Coupé is a GT for the Waves

When you hear the word “coupe” (or as our European friends prefer, “coupé”), odds are you picture a stylish fixed-roof two-door automobile. But the term can also be used to...

World’s Largest UltraLuxum CXL Trimaran Concept Stows Away McLaren MP4-12C

The trimaran is a curious watercraft. It has the width (or beam) and, consequently, stability of a wide single-hulled boat, yet the modest displacement and svelte proportions of a narrow single-hull. It also has a modest draft and no need for a weighted keel, meaning it can navigate fairly shallow waters.

Unfortunately, those two outrigger hulls (also known as amas, while the main hull is known as the vaka; these names are derived from the Maylay and Micronesian words for these same components on early catamarans and trimarans) also make a trimaran take up more space at the marina. As a result, several boat designers and manufacturers equip their vessels with folding and/or retractable outriggers to ease docking. And when you’re talking about a trimaran as big as the yacht seen here, movable amas are pretty much a necessity.

Aston Martin Voyage 55 Concept is a Stunner

Many boat builders have attempted to tie the automotive and boating worlds together over the years. Lots of wooden speedboats from the pre-World War II era featured car-like cockpit furnishings. We can name a few boats that have been modeled after Corvettes (the sports car, not the light naval cruiser). And who can forget Mauro Lecchi’s Lamborghini-inspired yacht?

Now, respected Miami-based boat designer Luiz de Basto has penned a 55-foot yacht inspired by Aston Martin’s current product lineup. And rather than just sprinkling a few Aston Martin styling cues here and there and painting the whole thing up in the company’s traditional racing colors and calling it a day, de Basto has devised something that truly looks like an Aston Martin boat. Make the jump and see what we mean.

Mauro Lecchi’s Lamborghini Yacht Is Going from Concept to Reality

Last year, Italian transportation designer Mauro Lecchi answered the question, “If Lamborghini built a motor yacht, what would it look like?” Now we’re betting very few people were asking that question before Signore Lecchi revealed his renderings, but once those renderings were released, a lot of people started asking, “How cool would it be if one was actually built?”

Turns out we’ll all be getting an answer to that question, too, as at least one real Lambo yacht is being constructed as we type. And if you ask us, this is one boat that Ferruccio himself would have happily called his own. Think we’re blowing smoke up your bilge? Make the jump and judge for yourself.

The Porsche Design Royal Falcon Fleet Megayacht

When you’ve spent the day whizzing around in your 911 Carrera 4S and you are ready to relax and take a nice little cruise what’s your preference of marine vehicle? Why not opt for the Royal Falcon Fleet RFF135 by Porsche Design? You dig their cars, so why not cop one of their yachts? Sure, other manufacturers have tried to blend automotive and nautical themes, but we’ve come a long way since the days of the Mercury Villager Nautica Edition.

Porsche Design recently dipped their toes in the water when they designed speedboats built by Fearless Yachts back in 2007. Other manufacturers have been testing the waters as well, just not to the same extent. Last year we saw the Audi Q7 Coastline and VW Caddy Topos Sail Concept take their respective parent companies one step closer to an aquatic future. However, this year, Porsche has cast off with a serious big boy toy.