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VIDEO: Ten Minutes of Crazy Rally Crashes in Finland with Pure Engine Sounds & Audio

We love rally crash compilations and this is one of the best we’ve come across this year. This video is set deep in the forests of Finland, where crazy drivers go all out on curvy gravel and dirt roads weaving through thick brush. Finnish rally teams are always top contenders if not all out champions and now we see why – they have so much practice crashing that nothing scares these guy. They go harder and choose more treacherous and faster lines because they are fearless!

In any case, here is over ten minutes of amazing rally-car wreck footage from the 1990s through the present, culled from various sources on the net. Check out the video after the jump.

VIDEO: Ken Block Vintage Rally Car Practice with WRC Driver Chris Atkinson

Ken Block is a man who likes to go fast, go sideways and have fun… Lately his escapades have escalated with the release of Gymkhana 2.1 with Rob Dyrdek and his recent antics at the launch of DiRT2. Now, we have some footage of Ken and WRC pro Chris Atkinson at Team O’Neal’s Rally School in New Hampshire having a blast ripping up roads in an old school Euro-only-spec 1978 Ford Escort MK2.

No surprise here, but Block actually owns this ride, which he uses for practice and will be showcasing at various events such as Rally Defi. This vintage Ford features a 4 pot Millington engine putting out 280 BHP mated with a sequential gearbox operated by paddle shifters. The Escort was converted over from right-hand drive to left.

Freak Accident at Argentinean Rally Between Driver Villagra and a Pack of Horses (VIDEO)

This past weeking during the famous race “Vuelta de la Manzana” (rally round the block) in the province of Neuquen, Argentina, there was a freak accident between WRC driver Federico Villagra and a pack of horses. As “El Coyote” was coming around a corner and over a hill, a group of three caballos crossed in front of his Mitsubishi Lancer. One of the horses was hit hard and hurled into the air. The other two managed to escape serious harm. Even though the windshield was not damaged, only the front of the car, Villagra who frequently led, had to leave the race. The Argentinean Rally Championship eventually was won by Nicolás Madero. Warning: this video is graphic and disturbing.