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Sub5Zero Shop Tour: HRE Performance Wheels

One of the easiest and most popular ways to transform the look of a vehicle is to fit it with a set of aftermarket wheels. However, with so many wheel manufacturers and models from which to choose these days, the process of selecting new rollers for your ride is anything but easy. You could probably spend a year deciding on what you want, only to have to start the process over again as new companies and styles arrive on the scene.

Then again, why not stick with a well-established and respected name in the wheel biz? Maybe one that’s been around since 1978, is based in the United States, and manufacturers all of its wheels in the United States? Not too many manufacturers fit that description, but we can think of at least one that does: HRE Performance Wheels, whom we happened to visit during its open house last weekend.

The Top 20 Strangest Wheel Designs of All Time

One of the easiest, if not the easiest, ways to transform the appearance of a vehicle is to change the wheels. Bolting on a set of big, sporty looking wheels can make even the most dull and pedestrian vehicle look more muscular and snazzy. Of course, that’s assuming the wheels are themselves muscular and/or snazzy looking.

At the opposite end of the spectrum lie wheels that are strange, if not downright weird. Some of these rims were fitted at the factory, but most are aftermarket pieces, and they run the gamut from functionally funky modern art pieces to kitschy tributes to cultural touchstones. Here then, in no particular order, are 20 of the most curious and kooky rims that have ever been attached to road-going motor vehicles.

The Top 10 Awesome Modified Cars with Lame Wheels

Here at Sub5Zero, we love modified cars. Who wouldn’t? Like an adopted child that just happens to be quiet, smart, cute and run the 40 in 2 seconds. There is nothing not to love. Our favorites are the cars that – already exciting and fast to begin with – are taken in by some loving parents who have great knowledge of ECUs, turbo-chargers and bigger cylinders. These geniuses mold cars into supercars, and super-cars into 4 wheeled adrenaline shots, capable of burning tires faster than a 5 year old with a roman candle and a bottle of ether. But…

Smart as they may be, building a great car does not give you license to turn it into Frankenstein. What I mean is, as talented as your Bugatti-beating GTR may be, if the company that built it bolts on a set of wheels offensive enough to warrant the FCC visiting your house, there is a problem. Wheels are one of the first and most important aesthetic mods you can do to your car, so it’s imperative that the choice made is a good one.

Maintenance Tips: Getting Reimbursed for Damage Caused By Road Hazards & Potholes

Having an high-performance sports car, exotic or modified vehicle usually means that your ride has a reduced height, rolls on low profile tires and maintains a stiff suspension. These factors alone make the conditions of the roads that you traverse pretty important. Potholes are wack, to use common nonspecific vernacular. And if you live on the east coast and parts of the west coast and certain areas in the south, you may have had your life (or at least a few hours) significantly affected by one of these gems. But what do we really know about these pesky road hazards? Where do they come from, what do you do if you are swallowed-up by one and what kind of recourse do you have? These compelling and complex questions are some of the things that we’ll try to tackle here. It won’t be easy, mainly because its super dry and boring, but if you are able to complete this journey (yawn) with us you will be smarter, better prepared and a road hazard rock star.

2001 Acura CL Type-S Project Car Phase I – Wheels & Tires

I’m happy to announce that this year we are putting together a project car at Sub5zero. The beneficiary is a Nighthawk Black Pearl 2001 Acura CL Type-S with 70,000 miles. The original MSRP on the vehicle was $30,300 (although it came into my possession used). The engine is a 3.2-liter SOHC V-6 with 260 horsepower mated to a five-speed SportShift automatic transmission. This is actually a terrific gearbox but the inability to access first gear when using the stick is a real drag. Dry-weight is listed at 3,510 pounds. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph takes just 6.4 seconds. Naturally, we think we can do better. How much better is debatable.