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The Top 25 Coolest Gadgets of CES 2014

Ah, January in Las Vegas. The gambling addicts with failed resolutions have fallen off the wagon and into the casinos, the strippers have put away their Santa hats, and the...

GoPro Hero HD Motorsports Video Cameras Now in Full Effect

GoPro continues to innovate and excite, especially with the release of a new line of high-definition (HD) cameras which has created quite a market niche for motorsports video capture. These new gadgets record in 1080p, 960p and 720p resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio and can be mounted to any helmet, motorcycle, car, 4-wheeler, boat, etc. Basically, anything that is motorized or moves is fodder for this little gizmo.

Mounting hardware is available for up to 2 helmets and 3 vehicles. And with a waterproof housing good to up to 180 feet, you can take the GoPro Hero HD diving or suction-cupped on the bow of your personal submarine or watercraft. Up to 2.5 hours of footage can be captured on one charge. If you scoop up a separate 32 gig card, you can grab 9 hours total. The 5MP camera can be set to shoot at 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 second intervals. We can see some pretty cool stop motion possibilities here. Retail price is $299.99. Check out the press release for full specs and details below.