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The Top 10 Automotive Rivalries of All Time

There’s nothing like a good rivalry to get a lively debate going. However, allegiances are seldom swapped, regardless of how compelling the arguments that are made may be. Fans of X don’t like Y or its fans, and vice versa.

Two areas in which this is eminently evident are cars and sports. Most guys (and a good many gals) have their favorite automakers and their favorite teams. Rare is the devotee of one that gets along with the devotee of another, and in many cases the companies and teams themselves can’t stand each other. So in honor of that big rugby match (or whatever the hell it is) taking place in Indianapolis this Sunday, we’ve cooked up the following list of what we feel are the 10 fiercest rivalries in the motoring world. Some are between individual models, and others are between entire marques, but all defy neutrality.

Great Moments in Crappy Engine History: Triumph V8 [w/ Video]


The collapse of the British auto industry is a case study in how to go from a nation of builders to a nation of consumers. And while labor and management both played key roles in running the whole thing into the ground, the engineering departments weren’t exactly yanking back on the control stick, either. Sure, there were a lot of cars coming out of the U.K. that looked good and featured some clever thinking, but there were more than a few components and subsystems that tended to self-destruct, even with proper routine maintenance.

The electrical systems and components made by Lucas Industries are the poster children for this spotty reliability. Why else would they be the subject of countless jokes? But one of the unsung heroes(?) of British mechanical malfeasance was only ever installed in one model of car, yet its craptastic-ness was emblematic of the whole industry’s slow, sad circling of the bowl. We speak of (in case you didn’t look at the title) the Triumph V8.

The Top 20 Fastest Streetfighter Bikes in the World

While burying the speedometer deep into the triple digits in a car is exciting (and something you should only do on a track…obviously…), doing the same thing on a motorcycle ratchets the excitement up exponentially. And going wide-open on a street bike? Even more knuckle-bleaching, as the big-inch engine bellows between your legs and the avalanche of angry air – undiluted by a full fairing – attempts to throw you off the bike and throw the bike off the pavement.

Here are 20 two-wheeled tarmac scorchers guaranteed to thrill.


2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster – World’s Largest Capacity Bike Gets Overhauled

As speed junkies, usually when it comes to cruisers we recognize the aesthetic appeal and appreciate the technology, but always seem to gravitate back towards the sportbike genre. However, every now and then one of these heavyweight contenders crosses over to the streetfighter category and we have to take pause. The 2010 Triumph III Roadster is a perfect example. This bike has the distinction of being the “world’s largest capacity motorcycle” featuring an updated version of Triumph’s 2.3-liter three-cylinder 2,294cc engine. Torque has been upped 15% to a whopping 165 lb-ft. With this bike weighing in wet at 807 pounds, this should make for a more than ample power-to-weight ratio.