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TopCar Ursa is a Plumped Porsche Macan

If Porsche executives thought the Cayenne was a license to print money, wait until they see what the Macan does to the brand’s bottom line. With more manageable dimensions (and...

TopCar Vantage GTR2 is an Extra Spicy Porsche Cayenne

Like it or not (a high percentage of brand loyalists are still firmly in the “not” camp), the Porsche Cayenne has been a cash cow for the brand almost since its introduction in 2002. Buyers who would have never considered becoming Porsche owners, as well as people who did consider it but were vetoed by practicality requirements and/or the opinions of a significant other, have snapped up Zuffenhausen’s SUV en masse. And with hybrid and diesel versions available, the Cayenne’s desirability appears to be pretty well insulated from oil price volatility.

Of course, as we all know, popularity breeds ubiquity, and not every lover of Porsche’s stump-jumper is down with that. Fortunately for them, Russian tuner TopCar is giving 50 such individuals a chance at making their Cayenne considerably harder to lose in the parking lot thanks to the Vantage GTR2 package.

TopCar’s Seventh Porsche Panamera Stingray GTR Headed to Top Marques Monaco

Last May, Russian (da, Russian) tuner TopCar announced the Stingray GTR, a dazzling widebody super sedan born from the Porsche Panamera. While the Stingray GTR package doesn't add anything in the way of powertrain upgrades (unless you opt for TopCar to send your car to a third party tuner), the bulging bodywork should make you forget all about that.   Of course, it was one thing to see TopCar's pumped up Porsche in a murdered out all-black color scheme; it's a completely different thing to see it in an actual color. But that's exactly what attendees of this week's Top Marques Monaco (and readers of this article, of course) will be able to do, as TopCar is bringing car number seven of the 25 set to be built to the show.  

TopCar Stingray GTR is a Porsche Panamera from Russia with Widebody Love

Admit it: When you think of nations that harbor large quantities of automotive tuners, the ones that come to mind most promptly are Germany, Japan and the good ol’ U.S. of A. Tuners in these countries have the experience. They have the kickass cars, both homegrown and otherwise. And they have the venues to test their creations and strong cultures that appreciate them.

These days, though, you can add Russia to that list of prolific car-modding countries. The Motherland’s nouveau riche love high end cars that stand out from the herd (and some really, really stand out), go crazy-fast, or both. One of the Russian tuners catering to this market is TopCar, and they’ve just announced an upgrade package for the Porsche Panamera.