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Tokyo Auto Salon 2010: Tommy Kaira ‘Silver Wolf’ Edition Nissan GT-R R35 Makes Debut

Tommy Kaira is a Japanese tuning shop that has made a big name for itself by putting out some of the baddest (like bad meaning good) modification packages on the planet. Strangely enough, they got their start tinkering models from Mercedes but now focus exclusively on domestic rides from manufacturers like Nissan, Toyota and Subaru. And those outside Japan may have gotten their introduction through the Gran Turismo racing series, where Tommy Kaira makes a strong showing.

Now, at the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon, the company is unveiling their latest package for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Known as the Silver Wolf edition, their take on Godzilla gets a full body kit, upgraded brakes, exhaust system and suspension components along with some new wheels and a revamped interior.

The Fast and the Frugal – Introducing the Tommy Kaira Toyota Prius

“Pimp my Prius” is pretty much a cliche by now but somehow it never seems to get old. And it seems the effort to transform this fuel-sipping suburban transport into a vehicle that looks like it should be competing in Formula Drift, won’t fizzle out either. Japanese tuning shop Tommy Kaira is the latest shop to take a crack at the 2010 Toyota Prius with the release of a new mod package. Admittedly, at first glance, I almost didn’t recognize the third-generation hybrid sitting beneath its new performance garb.