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The Top 10 Modified Tuner Cars of 2012

Exactly 12 months ago, we assembled a list of the 10 tuner vehicles from 2011 that really floated our proverbial boat. Privately, we didn’t think that 2012’s crop of tuned...

Switzer Performance Unleashes 1000HP Nissan GT-R Ultimate Street Edition

When it comes to tuners specializing in the R35 Nissan GT-R, Switzer Performance is among the most capable and most respected. This achievement is even more impressive when you consider that Switzer Performance isn’t based in a suburb of Yokohama or Düsseldorf, but in quiet north Ohio town of Oberlin. Not really a hotbed of automotive tuning, that place.

Of course, many people are reluctant to have their GT-R hot rodded because it is one of – if not the most – user-friendly and civilized supercars ever created. It is a car capable of such staggering acceleration, braking and cornering feats that, if it had a butt, it would wipe it with the pages of a high school physics textbook, while its dual-clutch transmission, four-seat cabin, usable trunk and all-you-can-eat buffet of electronic guardian angels means your grandmother would have no trouble putt-putting around town in it. However, Switzer says its newest performance package maintains the best of both worlds.

Switzer Performance P680 Pumps up the Porsche Panamera

If it seems like we’ve featured a buttload of tuned Porsche Panameras on this site, it’s probably due to the fact that we have. This shouldn’t be all that surprising, considering how well sorted the Panamera platform is and how peppy its powertrains are (particularly in the case of the Turbo). Four-doors or not, worthy of the Porsche crest or not, it’s a great starting point for tuners everywhere.

And when we say everywhere, we mean it, because we can now add the United States to the list of nations harboring Panamera primpers. Oberlin, Ohio’s own Switzer Performance has introduced a suite of upgrades for the Panamera Turbo dubbed P680 and, as you might have already guessed, the name is hardly random in origin.

Switzer R1K Nissan GT-R Veyronivore Delivers 1000HP! [w/Video]

I don’t know what horrible thing happened in Tym Switzer’s early life, but apparently it had something to do with Bugatti. Maybe, one hot July day a young Tym was walking down the street, holding a brand new, frosty ice cream cone. He hadn’t even had a bite yet. He was just staring at it in wonder the way kids do when they’re so happy and excited they can’t even function. And then a bully named Franz-Josef Paefgen popped out from behind the bushes and after a brutal attack using noogies and wedgies, walked off with Tym’s ice cream.

That bully grew up to be the CEO of Bugatti. If I learned anything from Lethal Weapon it was, “Don’t get mad, get even.” With the new 1000hp Switzer Nissan GTR R1K, that’s exactly what Tym is doing. Make the jump to see the stats and watch the testing videos. Can you say “Rolling AWD burnout.”? I thought you could.

Switzer Performance Porsche 997 Turbo P800 Tiptronic: No More ‘Slushbox’

Switzer Performance has been pushing the limits of what’s possible in 996 Porsche Turbos for some time now, so when the 997 rolled out, naturally we expected more of the same. The twin-turbo flat six is an amazing engine, and benefits from mods the way Bruce Banner’s body does radiation. But they ran into a problem when they installed their P800 kit on cars equipped with the Tiptronic transmission. While the Porsche Tiptronic internals easily handled the 700 horsepower from Switzer‘s P700 kit, the P800 proved to be too much, causing slipping and transmission damage.

Shame on Porsche for not giving customers a transmission that can withstand the force of two asteroids colliding. Right. Their fault. Tym Switzer wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop his orphan-saving customers from reaching their horsepower dreams though. So they fixed the problem. Introducing the Switzer 997 Turbo P800 Tiptronic upgrade. The resulting acceleration will tear your ears off.