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VIDEO: Chrysler Shows Why ‘It’s Halftime in America’ During Super Bowl 2012

In an interesting departure from talking babies, vaporizing vampires and alter-ego dancing heads, hats off to Chrysler for getting serious, looking at the big picture and sending out a message of hope, goodwill, patriotism and unity during Super Bowl 2012. Touchingly and toughly narrated by a revered American icon, the “It’s Halftime in America” ad managed to not only give weight to our shared history, challenges and concerns but also pointed to a better and brighter future. Though the ad could have so easily slipped into the abyss of sentimentalism and schmaltz, it managed to steer clear and deliver a strong and uplifting message. In my humble opinion, this was an absolutely brilliant strategy on the part of the automaker and one which I believe will ultimately pay big dividends.

VIDEO: Hyundai Serves Up Smorgasbord of 2012 Super Bowl Ads

Hyundai has been on a tear this last couple years and is continuing on its quest to push around the big boys. This year the Korean juggernaut plans to debut no less than 5 game-day advertisements for the 2012 Super Bowl including the ones featured here. Many of the clips center around American themes, including the Fourth of July, and are a direct shot across the bow to domestic car companies. One of our favorites shows a collective "Rocky" consciousness infecting a Hyundai factory which bursts into a full blown performance of  "Gonna Fly Now." And the new 2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo and the Genesis Coupe R Spec get their time in the spotlight as well. Check out the fun fest after the jump…

VIDEO: Toyota Teases Super Bowl 2012 Ad Reinventing the Camry

Ahh yes… Super Bowl XLVI is finally here and the long awaited extravaganza of high-budget television advertisements is sure to wow, shock, repulse or delight. This is about the only time that  folks actually look forward to the commercials. There is always a smorgasbord of funny, weird, sexy and quirky 30, 45 and 60 seconds spots. This year Toyota throws a bit of everything into the mix and comes out the gate with a strong showing in their bid to drum up support for the reinvented Toyota Camry, which has been the best selling car in America the last 13 out of 14 years. Check out the video after the jump…

The Top 10 Car Commercials of Super Bowl XLV [w/VIDEOS]

With the Cheeseheads’ victory hangovers a fading memory and the legions of Steeler Nation having uttered their last “Wait ‘til next year,” attention now turns to another battle: the battle for this year’s most memorable automotive Super Bowl commercial. As promised, we’ve gone through and analyzed the spots from each of the car companies who fronted the millions to make their voices heard. Here are our 10 faves.