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Confederate Motorcycles Clears the X132 Hellcat for Takeoff

Thanks in no small part to fewer parts and less stringent safety and emissions regulations, there are far more independent motorcycle manufacturers in this country than there are independent car manufacturers. And one of the hottest small bike builders in America is Confederate Motorcycles. For over 20 years, founder and CEO H. Matthew Chambers and crew have been churning out lithe, muscular chopper/street fighter halfbreeds from their factory.

And for much of the company’s history, the cornerstone of the lineup has been the Hellcat. Named after Grumman’s F6F Hellcat fighter plane from WWII (a plane which, incidentally, our late great uncle flew to great effect against the air and ground forces of Imperial Japan), Confederate rolled out its first Hellcat in 1996. Five years later, production of the first gen Hellcat ended after about 499 more were produced. The second gen Hellcat arrived in 2003, and roughly 75 of those were produced. Now the third iteration of the Hellcat – the X132 – is here, and it’s arguably the most thoroughly Confederate Motorcycles bike yet.