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Event Coverage: Toyotafest 2012 T.O.R.C. Part I

You’ll hear a lot of words when it comes to describing Toyota and their respective sub-divisions Lexus and Scion. Reliable. Comfortable. Beige. Durable. Fuel-efficient. Quiet. Dull. Beige. Rarely do you hear words like awesome, powerful, exciting, or even fast. However, the people who spout the former are either haters or uninformed. As one of the premier automotive powers in the world, Toyota is the equivalent of one Dr. Bruce Banner. Calm and unassuming until it [Toyota] feels the need for speed, Toyota has demonstrated time and time again that when it wants to, it can and will, make machines that’ll tear your face off. The annual Toyotafest held in Long Beach, organized and held by the Toyota Owner’s and Restorer’s Club (or T.O.R.C.), is a celebration of those machines and then some.

As a longtime fan of the brand, I owe a lot to Toyota from where I am today. It was a Toyota that chauffeured my family and I around for the majority of my childhood and teenage years. It was a blazing orange Toyota that got me into the car scene into the first place. And today, by my hard-earned choice, it is a Toyota that zips me through and around the mean streets of SoCal, one traffic jam at a time. Needless to say, I was pumped for this year’s Toyotafest and wouldn’t attend it like the clueless spanner I was last year (forgetting to charge my camera). Commence the coverage.

Hot Import Nights 2012 Pomona: Where Clubbing & Cars Collide at Nightshift

Not too long ago, I popped Need for Speed: Underground, one of my very first racing games, into my Gamecube just for kicks. Having considered myself to be a car enthusiast for a number of years now, I was curious to see how far the tuning scene had come. I really wish I had some screenshots to show you just how much my own interpretation of “cool” has changed. My entire stable of Underground cars rocked wild metallic paint jobs, tear/stripe vinyls, neon, and planet-sized chrome wheels.

My lasting impression of Hot Import Nights was that the cars that turned up were all somewhat like my virtual Underground garage – most show, little go. I fully expected to see some Lambo doors on cars that weren’t Lamborghini’s and maybe even hear the distinctive plume of nitrous purging. How things have changed. HIN has matured and grown up in time with our scene and even with the closure of Irwindale Speedway, the show had to go on.

SoCal Scene: 2012 Import Showcase by Import Fashion

There’s a strange sense of familiarity about attending a car show. It’s almost like putting on a set of well-worn shoes or shaking hands with an old friend. For us car guys and girls, there’s something just so right about being at a proper car show. Every car show/meet has its own level of scale from the smallest impromptu parking lot gatherings to the likes of SEMA and TAS. 

There’s an optimal range of how big a car show should be before it becomes an all out siege upon the senses and Import Showcase happened to tick all the right boxes. Walking into K1 Speed @ Torrance, the first thing on display was Gina (Import Fashion's showcase vehicle and owner Alvin's pride and joy). Pretty in pink, she had all the right kinds of curves, the kind that made even married men double back to sneak another glance. Too bad she’s taken. Alvin you lucky man.