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The Top 10 Under-a-Liter Sports Cars of All Time

When most people think of sports cars, they probably think of two seats, maybe an open top, and stupendous agility. Of course, that agility tends to be compromised the larger and more powerful a sports car is. Thus, designers and engineers who are serious about giving their new machines genuine handling prowess put a lot of effort into reducing their weight.   And, as we all know, the lighter a vehicle is, the less power it needs to get moving and keep moving. So it’s only natural that many of history’s smallest sports cars were powered by engines displacing less than one liter (or 61 cubic inches for all you metric-phobes). But rather than try to list all of the sports cars that fit this criteria, we’ll instead tell you about 10 of the most iconic, most entertaining and, yes, cutest members of the under-1,000cc club.