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The Top 10 Under-a-Liter Sports Cars of All Time

When most people think of sports cars, they probably think of two seats, maybe an open top, and stupendous agility. Of course, that agility tends to be compromised the larger and more powerful a sports car is. Thus, designers and engineers who are serious about giving their new machines genuine handling prowess put a lot of effort into reducing their weight.   And, as we all know, the lighter a vehicle is, the less power it needs to get moving and keep moving. So it’s only natural that many of history’s smallest sports cars were powered by engines displacing less than one liter (or 61 cubic inches for all you metric-phobes). But rather than try to list all of the sports cars that fit this criteria, we’ll instead tell you about 10 of the most iconic, most entertaining and, yes, cutest members of the under-1,000cc club.    

Weekend Video Roundup: Lamborghini Gallardo vs. Angry Mob, Coachbuilt Ferrari Racecar, Disco Smart and More!

In a world that seems to be going madder and more unpredictable by the day (the ongoing crisis in Japan, the escalating conflict in Libya, Charlie Sheen taking his brain spasms on tour), it’s nice to have things you can count on. We hope that our Weekend Video Roundup will be one of those things for a long time to come, so make the jump and tune into our regularly scheduled collection of must-see motoring vids from the past seven days and nights.

Los Angeles Auto Show: Design Challenge 2010 Inspires Creativity by the (Half) Ton

With all the talk of tighter Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements lately (35.5 miles-per-gallon in 2016, and some legislators calling for 60 mpg nine years after that), a lot of us gearheads are understandably worried about the future. However, forcing automakers to devise substantially more efficient new cars might not be all bad news; to make such quantum leaps in fuel economy, cars will have to be noticeably lighter than they are now, because clean diesels, hybrid systems and the like won’t be enough by themselves. And in addition to increased efficiency, less mass also means better acceleration, braking and handling.

Against this backdrop, the people behind the Los Angeles Auto Show’s annual Design Challenge drafted the rules for this year’s contest thusly: Create a four-passenger vehicle weighing 1,000 lb. or less that is comfortable, safe, and delivers satisfactory performance and looks. When all was said and done, nine concepts from seven automakers (Daimler created one for each of its three passenger car brands) were submitted and, if you ask us, they’re all significantly less depressing than other people’s visions of our automotive future. But don’t take our word for it; make the jump and judge for yourselves.

Still Want A Smart Car? ForTwo Granted Impact Protection Top Ratings But Still Too Small

This morning in our inbox we received this little bit of grim humor. The photo is supposedly of a wreck in Jefferson Parish, LA (just outside New Orleans) between two trucks and a smashed passenger vehicle titled “Still Want A Smart Car?”. We doubt it is that particular make based on the wheel and a couple other visual cues but this picture does make one wonder about the safety of the Smart Car (whether or not it’s actually the car shown) as anybody who has seen one in person has definitely had their reservations. So, we decided to satisfy our curiousity and find out a little more about this little spark plug.