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2012 X Games Los Angeles: Sebastien Loeb Dominates RallyCross [w/ Videos]

Less than a month ago, there were loads of people who were stoked about the RallyCross event at the X Games here in Los Angeles. The entry list was a who’s who of high-precision, highly sideways drivers: Two-time WRC drivers’ champion Marcus Grönholm. Former Formula Drift champs Tanner Foust, Rhys Millen and Samuel Hübinette. X Games legends in other disciplines Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Brian Deegan and Bucky Lasek. YouTube A-Lister Ken Block. And a host of experienced rally and RallyCross shoes from around the world.

Then in mid-June came the bombshell to end all bombshells: The winner of the last eight WRC crowns, Sebastien Loeb, would be spending one of his off weekends in L.A., contesting his first X Games in a factory-backed RallyCross-spec Citroen DS3. Oh yes, “epic” would have fallen far, far short of being a strong enough word to describe this contest that was going to go down on the streets and parking lots in front of Staples Center and the Los Angeles Convention Center.

2011 Year-End Recap: Our Favorite Motorsports Photos

Throughout 2011, Sub5Zero traveled across the globe to bring you coverage from an incredible variety of Motorsports events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed, X-Games, and MotoGP. As we celebrate the closing of 2011, and start planning the adventures we'll embark on in 2012, we decided to bring you some of our best moments from this year's events. Take a look past the break to see some of our favorite Motorsports photos from 2011. 

VIDEO: Ken Block Goes Hollywood with Gymkhana 4

With every Gymkhana video he releases, hoon savant Ken Block subjects himself (and the people who help make those snuff-films-for-tire-lovers a reality) to the herculean task of making each sequel top its predecessor. But so far, they’ve arguably succeeded. The first was a fairly simple affair set at an abandoned military air base deep behind the Orange Curtain. It was followed by a noticeably more outrageous flick taking place on the docks of San Pedro (Fun fact: Many SoCal natives pronounce it “San Peedro,” which is no doubt the high school Spanish teacher equivalent of a dog whistle.), while it was in turn succeeded by the franchise’s first trip outside the U.S., specifically a historic autodrome outside the City of Lights.

So how do you top that last one? Apparently, you come back to the City of Angels and make prodigious use of the resources of the region’s best known industry. Is the final result – titled Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial – sufficiently over the top, or does it fall flatter than an anorexic manta ray? Make like the General Lee and judge for yourself.

X-Games 17: RallyCross Racing – Mayhem in the Streets of Downtown LA

The second Rally Car event in this year’s X-Games was RallyCross Racing. Unlike Saturday’s event where drivers compete head to head against one another, RallyCross features 4-car heats. Metal Mulisha’s Brian Deegan added X-Games Gold medal to his collection after winning this year’s final heat. But the real story was Travis Pastrana’s determination. 

Travis Pastrana is no stranger to X-Games – over the years he has won numerous Gold medals in both Moto X events as well as Rally Racing in 2008. In what was dubbed Pastranathon, Travis was to compete not only on numerous X-Games events this weekend, but also make his NASCAR Nationwide Series debut on Saturday night. But in attempting to land a 720 on his Moto X bike during the Best Trick competition Thursday night, Travis broke his foot and ankle.

X-Games 17: Doran Takes Gold in Rally Car Racing

With names like Foust, Gronholm, Block, and Mirra – not many expected 24 year old British driver Liam Doran to walk away with X-Games Gold in Rally Car Racing. But it wasn’t easy – first he had to beat 2-time World Rally Champion Marcus Gronholm in the finals this past Saturday in Los Angeles. Click past the break to see the rest of our coverage of this year’s Rally Car Racing at X-Games 17.

World Rally Champion Marcus Gronholm Dominates First Ever Global RallyCross at Irwindale

Many of us know Irwindale Speedway as the “House of Drift”. But this weekend – Irwindale held the first round of the new Global RallyCross Championship. And as many of us who were present witnessed – Irwindale quickly became the “House of Gronholm”.

This new series features two classes of cars – 2WD and AWD – competing in a 3-lap closed circuit race made up of both dirt and asphalt sections. In each race, drivers must take an alternate path known as the “joker” during one of their laps. This weekend’s “joker” route featured a 70’ gap jump crossing over the track underneath. You can probably guess that this was the highlight of the course for most spectators. As you can see in our photo gallery – there were quite a few rough landings!

Hot Girls With Power Tools Working on BMW Rally Car

Bill Caswell’s story of unbridled determination to be a rally car racer and his offbeat antics are now well documented. For those who aren’t hip, Bill took a $500 piece o’ crap he bought off Craigslist and entered the Mexico leg of the World Rally Championship. With an untested crapmobile and no pit crew he went up against cars costing up to 1,000 times as much. By finding a loophole in the regulations, Bill also managed a way to slip into Rally America last year. He may not have a fancy AWD hatch with $300K worth of development and thousands of hours of test time but he’s got a sexy new crew to work on his Beemer as he gets ready to compete in 2011. Check out the pictures after the jump…

Peak Performance: Marcus Gronholm’s Ford Fiesta RallyCross at 2009 Pikes Peak (VIDEO)

Back in 1988, Ari Vatanen set a world record at Pikes Peak in his Peugeot 405. His uber-successful run was captured on video and immortalized in Climb Dance, a film that became the YouTube sensation of his day. This year, MotorTrend has partnered up with Ford and Marcus Gronholm to create a short film of the same ilk showcasing the new Fiesta RallyCross at the 2009 Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Just to be clear, the #3 car featured in the Peak Performance video is driven by rally champion Gronholm and is not the #5 car, piloted by Andrea Ericksson, that crashed in practice (we’ve included that video as well.) Check out both videos after the jump.