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GAME REVIEW: Gran Turismo 5 for Playstation 3

Way back in 2005, gas was cheap(-ish), the economy was moving right along, and the Western zeitgeist knew nothing of the many atrocities that would be perpetrated against it by the close of the decade (We’re looking at you, Jersey Shore.). Also in Aught-five, Sony and captive developer Polyphony Digital released a game called Gran Turismo 4 for the Playstation 2. As we know all too well, a lot has happened in the intervening near-as-makes-no-difference six years, but it has taken the Polyphony Digital team (led by company founder, Gran Turismo creator and all-around car nerd Kazunori Yamauchi) that long to bring the next complete title in the canon – Gran Turismo 5 – to market.

While many cynics opined that GT5 would be the heir to Duke Nukem Forever’s throne of heinously long development times (assuming, of course, DNF is ever released), the PS3 exclusive finally dropped just before Thanksgiving, much to the delight of automotively-literate gamers worldwide. But when you consider just how lengthy the gestation period was, and how rival Turn 10 Studios was able to crank out the first three installments of the Forza Motorsport franchise during that period, you can’t help wondering, “Was it worth the wait?”

VIDEO: DiRT 3 Shows Off Gymkhana Mode, Makes It Look Easy

This video is just a taste of the new racing mode being introduced in the upcoming DiRT 3, sequel to the critically acclaimed Colin McRae DiRT 1 & 2. Gymkhana is a specific type of racing similar to autocross, but it differs by requiring a number of drift-oriented stunts. As the video demonstrates, when done right, it looks absolutely amazing. And it looks even better in real life.

What may prove to be a problem for players, as I’m sure DiRT 3 developer Codemasters has already figured out, is that so much of racing revolves around feel. While other racers like Gran Turismo or Need For Speed push for more on-the-road, straightforward racing, DiRT was always about pulling off crazy stunts and looking great doing it. But events like Gymkhana may prove too difficult for gamers to really get a grip on, because especially with drifting, it’s the constant sideways acceleration that helps drivers determine proper steering.