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The Top 10 Most Expensive Sports Cars

It should go without saying that the average new car buyer is interested in, above all else, value for money. Of course, there are above average (in terms of budget, anyway) car buyers out there who are more interested in things like style, exclusivity and performance. It is for these people that we have compiled the following list of new (or very nearly new) sports cars targeted at people who are incapable of worrying about such trivial things as monthly payments, insurance premiums or fuel costs (A nice problem to have, if you ask us.).

The Top 20 Most Unfortunate Car Names

When it comes to a car’s identity, its name is arguably the biggest defining factor. Yes, even more than the styling; would the Mustang be the smashing success it has been for almost a quarter century if it had been called the KB112-C? Would the Jaguar E-Type still be one of the sexiest cars of all time if it had instead been christened the Diabetic Chestwaxer? We’re guessing the answers are “No,” and “No.”

However, for all the brilliant car names sprinkled across the annals of history, there are some that just make you ask a) “What was the marketing department on?” and b) “Where can I get some?” Here are what we feel are 20 of the loopiest labels in automotive history.