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O.CT Tuning Gives the Bumblebee Camaro More Sting

  When Chevrolet was gearing up to re-launch the Camaro a few years ago, they made a deal with the makers of the Transformers movie to cast the concept version as the affable Autobot Bumblebee. To cash in on the flurry of interest brought on by the movie (and its two sequels), Chevrolet in turn released a special edition Bumblebee Camaro featuring yellow paint, black rally stripes and Autobot logo badges. As Transformers director (and noted pyrotechnics aficionado) Michael Bay says, "Awesome!"   Of course, if you need more than 426hp (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), the Bumblebee Camaro falls short of awesome. Thankfully, there are plenty of companies who have made it their duty to do to the Camaro what seeing Mr. Bay's former squeeze Lauren Stoner does to our pulse: Make it faster. And one of those companies comes out of Switzerland and calls itself O.CT Tuning.