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VIDEOS: Fast Five Movie Trailer Numero Dos

Ah yes…  America’s favorite franchise car film is returning for its fifth installment. All the usual suspects are coming back for Fast Five including the dynamic duo of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel who will be joined by Tyrese “Dammit Brian” Gibson, Jordana Brewster, Matt Schulze, Gal Gadot, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Ludacris and Sung Kang, who has made a miraculous recovery after being blown-up and torched in Toyko Drift, a feat which has not gone unnoticed. 

The plot of Fast Five centers around the this crackerjack crew of car junkies with compelling interpersonal issues all brought together for one final job. If you recall, in the last go-round, Brian and Mia sprung Dom from the big house and have been on the run every since.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Offical Trailer #3 (VIDEO)

The 3rd Official trailer for Transformers 3: Revenge of the Fallen is now out and there is a lot more meat in this one. We get a little more of the storyline and see a glimpse of Meagan Fox and Shia LeBouf on an Indiana Jones style adventure. Of course, lots of cool cars and other vehicles pop in and out of form. The movie is scheduled for release June 24th. Check it out!