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Manhart Racing MH5 S-Biturbo Fortifies the F10 BMW M5

The BMW M5 has been the global super sedan gold standard pretty much since the introduction of the E28-based original. And while the fifth and newest evolution – based on the F10 5 Series – lacks some of its predecessors’ primal edginess (the switch from deep breathing normally aspirated engines to a turbocharged V8 being the most notable revision), it’s still stupendously fast. Fast enough to clobber the average supercar of 20 years ago, in fact.

And if you want to be able to keep up with some modern supercars, there’s an ever-growing cadre of tuning firms ready and waiting to enhance the new M5 to the point where it can do so. And the newest member of said cadre is Manhart Racing, by way of a little something it calls the MH5 S-Biturbo.

Manhart Racing’s BMW M3 is an Engine Transplanted Tangerine Dream

With the current E92 BMW M3's time on the new car marketplace running out, you'd think most tuners would have already gotten what they could out of it and be looking toward the horizon for their next great canvas. However, the only generation of M3 to rely on V8 power (other than the controversial E46 M3 GTR of about a decade ago) continues to exhibit remarkable staying power with regard to the affections of the aftermarket.

But speaking of power, there's only so much you can do with that screaming 4.0L V8. Sure, you can increase the displacement and switch to forced induction, but considering BMW already makes a larger 4.4L twin turbo V8 (in both regular and M-ified form), why bother? Why indeed, asked the fine folks at Manhart Racing.

Manhart Racing Unleashes V10-Powered BMW “M3″ E91 Wagon Capable of 200 MPH

Wicked wagons that propel their occupants at breakneck speeds have been around for a while. We’ve seen our fair share of modified saloons such as the 700 hp Kicherer Audi RS 6 Avant and 585 hp Vath V63RS Clubsport Wagon. But German tuner Manhart Racing has pulled off something quite unique by fully converting a BMW E91 3-Series Estate wagon to resemble the M3 but with the added horsepower of its bigger brother.

Turning a base BMW E91 into a suburban rocket is no easy task and first requires fitting the front fascia, front fenders, side skirts and signature powerdome hood from the M3. The wagon then benefits from Manhart Racing’s special treatment with flared wheel arches and a new rear fascia to house the stainless steel exhaust system with four exhaust tips. The 5.0-liter V10 from the BMW M5 is then shoehorned into its engine bay along with the seven-speed SMG transmission. A limited slip differential is installed in the rear.