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2015 Lincoln Navigator is a Big, Boosted Bet

Way back in October, Cadillac pulled the blanket off the fourth generation version of the quintessential baller-mobile, the Escalade. With handsome new sheetmetal, a sumptuous interior and a truck-tuned 420...

The Top 50 Coolest Car Interiors

“It’s what’s inside that counts.” Although most people tend to shove that expression out of their minds when on the hunt for a mate, it seems like very few folks...

The Top 10 Vehicles That Could Be April Fools’ Jokes

Sunday is April Fools’ Day (No, really, it is!), so be on the lookout for pranks, gags, and other sundry acts of bamboozlery being lobbed in your general direction. So if someone offers you a jar of peanut butter, politely decline. Look before you sit, lest you land on a whoopee cushion. And please, for the love of all that is sacred – and some of the stuff that isn’t – DO NOT borrow a pair of binoculars (even if you encounter a rare species of bird).   This holiday for hams also got us thinking about occasions when car companies released a new model about which they were quite serious, but in practice it looked like they were intentionally pulling the motoring world’s collective leg. What follows is a list of 10 vehicles past and present that are so tone deaf to marketplace whims and inconsistent with their brands’ core values that they could have just as easily sprung from the minds of The Onion’s editorial staff as their makers’ product planning departments.  

The Top 10 Lamest Fashion Label Vehicles of All Time

At first blush, automobiles and apparel don’t seem to have much in common. Granted, both are manufactured consumer goods, and both come in wide ranges of colors, sizes, shapes and price tags. But that’s where the connections end, and even Kevin Bacon would have trouble tying the two industries together in additional ways, right?

Don’t be so sure. For example, Ralph Lauren is a serious gearhead who possesses a collection of super cool and super pricey rides like a McLaren F1 and a Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic. And Izod is the current title sponsor of the IndyCar Series. But perhaps the most notable bridges between the car and fashion worlds are special edition vehicles co-branded with the names of well known clothing and accessory manufacturers. Here are 10 of the most style-conscious rides ever to hit the runway, er, highway.

2011 Barrett-Jackson Auction Roars Through Orange County for 2nd Annual Showing

It seems so obvious, but when you get down to it, cars are appliances, tools for getting from one point in the time-space continuum to another. But cars aren’t like other everyday machines; for starters, there aren’t scores of magazines published worldwide dedicated to toasters, nor has there ever been a single Internet forum flame war fought between LG and Maytag fanboys (and because you read that on the Internet, you know it’s true).

But the biggest bellwether of how special automobiles are relative to most of mankind’s other creations is the recent (as in the last decade or so) surge in popularity of classic and special interest car auctions. One of the auction companies that has been leading that charge is Arizona-based Barrett-Jackson, now in its 40th year of operation. What makes these events so enticing? Consider all that was going on at the auction they held this past weekend at the OC Fair and Event Center in our sunny old stomping grounds of Costa Mesa, California.

The Top 20 Most Unmistakably ‘80s Car Commercials

It’s hard to believe that the 1980s ended more than 20 years ago. Then again, maybe we just don’t want to believe the ‘80s ended that long ago. Either way, it was a pretty long time ago, and while we certainly don’t remember the whole decade (would have been hard considering we were born four-and-a-half-years in), we do remember quite a bit of the music, fashion, the hair (oh, the hair) and, most importantly of all, the cars. Those four era-defining touchstones often came together in TV ads and promotional films. Here are 20 of our favorite such videos, preserved in all their fluffy-mane-babe-filled, giant-“TURBO”-decaled glory. Radical!

VIDEO: Undefeated Co-founder James Bond & ID Agency Trick Out the 2011 Lincoln MKX

The ID Agency partnered with designer James Bond co-founder of Undefeated to design the new 2011 Lincoln MKX. This video showcases the design inspiration behind the build with designer James Bond.

James has been a staple in the fashion world with designs for companies that include Adidas with the David Beckham collection and more recently with Disney. Undefeated is recognized world-wide as the purveyors of the “sneaker game,” and helped start a craze for shoe collectors everywhere. Undefeated has been featured in media outlets from Complex magazine to Hypebeast.com and has been featured on HBO’s “Entourage.”

This is the first video in a series that will document the Project Lincoln MKX.