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LEGO Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Kit Makes Us Wonder if We Were Born Too Early

When compiling a list of toys that changed the world, omitting LEGO’s first interlocking plastic bricks from said list is a surefire way to get said list thrown in the same pile as theories that the moon landings were staged in a hangar at Area 51 by the same sasquatch that shot JFK. Put simply, your credibility would be nil at best. The fact of the matter is, those studded blocks changed the way kids of all ages let their imaginations manifest themselves in the physical world.

However, for much of LEGO’s history, you often had to keep using your imagination even after you’d built your creation. Although we were born well after the days when almost every LEGO piece (or element, as the company and its hardcore fans like to call them) were rectangular prisims of varying lengths, widths and heights, there were still numerous occasions where we found ourselves wanting a piece in a shape and/or color that wasn’t being made. Since that time, though, LEGO has added elements of new shapes and colors, largely due to adding some sets based on big-name licensed properties like Star Wars, Spongebob Squarepants and Ferrari. Now you can add Ferrari’s arch rival Lamborghini to that list.