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Review: 2014 Infiniti Q60 IPL

Review: 2014 Infiniti Q60 IPL

While the Infiniti Q60 is indeed a new model name, it is actually the same ol’ G37 rebranded as part of a strategy to replace the names of all Infiniti...

First Drive: 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe Road Test & Review

"You must be loving life!" were the words the motorist next to me shouted as he  took the time to roll down his window and catch my attention. And indeed I was, cruising through the streets of Venice (California, not Italy silly) in the all new 2011 Infiniti IPL G Coupe. The Infiniti Performance Line (or IPL) is Nissan's bid to cast their line into the luxury performance tuning pond.

The company aspires to offer greater individualization and breadth in their luxury marque, not simply to compete against the likes of BMW M or Mercedes AMG which have a huge head-start and are positioned on a much higher rung of the in-house tuning ladder.