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Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG BiTurbo by INDEN Design

The Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG V12 BiTurbo has been a rockstar of a roadster since its debut in 2004. In its natural state, the car has few equals, which is why it has been such an attractive platform for tuners to celebrate. German tuning haus INDEN Design has decided to take another pass at making this Merc even better, this time going with their ‘black sapphire’ look. 

Joachim Inden adds a new front apron with ventilation holes, a revised hood, flared fender arches, side skirts as well as a new rear spoiler and apron with integrated rear diffuser. With the fatter inner wheeler arches in place, the company shoehorns in a set of 3-piece INDEN Champion wheels measuring 20×11 in front and 20 x 13 in rear wrapped with rubber rated at 265/30R20 and 325/25R20 respectively. The Inden-Design SL 65 AMG features an electronic control module that can drop the ride up to 45mm. 

INDEN-Design Mercedes-Benz S-Class is Large and in Charge

While the German luxury brands’ small and mid-size sedans are quite popular with tuners, the full-sizers don’t seem to get quite as much love. It could be a result of their lofty prices, or the substantial dimensions and weight relative to their smaller siblings. Whatever the case, with a few notable exceptions, the big Limousinen just aren’t that hot among serious performance tuners.

Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped INDEN-Design from giving the Mercedes-Benz S500 (known here as the S550) its special touch. They’ve gone over the whole car, giving it meaner looks and the performance to back it up. That might not sound much different from Mercedes-Benz’s house tuner AMG, but a closer look at the work of Joachim Inden and crew indicates it is indeed a slightly different recipe.

Tuning Like It’s 1991: INDEN Design Rebuilds Mercedes S-Class Back in the Day

Here’s a blast from the past. Usually when we are showcasing tuners, we are serving up the latest and greatest customization packages available. But today, we take pause, and look at the beginning of this great tradition, at least when it comes to one great mod shop, INDEN-Design. 1983 was a marque year for Mercedes-Benz, as they released their long-storied S-Class model line. In 1991, as its first project, Haiger-based INDEN-Design rebuilt this car as only a tuner can.

INDEN Design Ferrari F430 Spider – Dressed Nice But a Little Late to the Party

Over the last four years, we have seen some pretty extensive work done to further enhance the performance of the venerable Ferrari F430. It’s hard to improve something that is already phenomenal but that hasn’t stopped many from trying. Ferrari itself came out with 6 variations on this very platform and then you have tuners like Novitec-Rosso and HAMANN delivering some pretty outrageous upgrades as well. That said, I’m sure there is a market for those who want more than the factory offering but don’t require anything flashy or extreme. Enter German tuner INDEN-Design who is offering a pretty tame and safe package for Ferrari F430 Spider. It’s almost like a layup on an open basketball court.