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Sub5Zero Shop Tour: HRE Performance Wheels

One of the easiest and most popular ways to transform the look of a vehicle is to fit it with a set of aftermarket wheels. However, with so many wheel manufacturers and models from which to choose these days, the process of selecting new rollers for your ride is anything but easy. You could probably spend a year deciding on what you want, only to have to start the process over again as new companies and styles arrive on the scene.

Then again, why not stick with a well-established and respected name in the wheel biz? Maybe one that’s been around since 1978, is based in the United States, and manufacturers all of its wheels in the United States? Not too many manufacturers fit that description, but we can think of at least one that does: HRE Performance Wheels, whom we happened to visit during its open house last weekend.

SEMA 2010 Preview: Oakley Design Limited Edition Ferrari 458 Italia – The New Hotness

Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire, and where there’s SEMA there’s insanely exclusive tuning. As much as we all love a good subwoofer display, the latest creation from Oakley Design will surely get much more play. Jon Oakley has been racing cars for years, and winning. He’s also kind enough to apply some of that brilliance to street cars. But he won’t help you modify your 1994 Civic (neither will we).

He likes to start with the cream of the crop, and somehow make it even sweeter. OD is known for their Porsches but recently got antsy and went Ferrari shopping. They brought home a Ferrari 458 Italia and built the incredibly svelte, sexy and angry Italian you see here, for which the first production model will debut at SEMA

HRE Performance Wheels Contingency Program for Pirelli Ultimate Track Car Challenge

Motorsports seem to get more and more complicated these days with the advent of all kinds of sanctioning, regulations and stipulations. These are put in place for good reason – to keep things competitive – but sometimes you yearn for an event that cuts out the tedious red tape and keeps things simple. The Pirelli Ulitmate Track Car Challenge is that kind of event. Besides some basic classing guidelines, the UTCC allows competitors to “run whatcha brung.” This annual event, sponsored by Grassroots Motorsports, is looking for the fastest track car in the country. Running against the clock, a bevy of heavily tuned and modified cars will sprint around the full course at Virginia International Raceway on July 23, 2010.

HRE Performance Wheels has joined the effort as a sponsor and will be offering serious discounts to any competitor who is looking to outfit their car with the company’s lightweight racing wheels. Included in this proposition is access to HRE’s latest 17 pounds 18-inch wheels. To sweeten the pot, HRE is putting up a $2500 contingency prize to the Overall Winner of the UTCC if he/she wins using their alloys. In addition, the company is also offering $1000 prizes to the winners of 3 other categories if they also run HRE wheels. Not to leave other drivers out in the cold, the top 3 finishers in each category using wheels from other manufacturers can still get discount certs towards future purchases of HRE wheels.