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E3 Expo 2010: HKS Racing Controller for Sony PS3 Hypes Up Your Gaming Experience

When it comes to playing racing games, a good steering wheel and pedal set is a nearly idiotproof way to help lower lap times and improve consistency. Unfortunately, such peripherals are not without their foibles. If you want a decent, high-quality setup you’ll have to shell out at least $100, and if you want them arranged in an ergonomic fashion, you’ll have to set aside a good chunk of space and, if you’re really hardcore, invest in a cockpit or chair.

But what if you don’t want to make that kind of financial or spatial commitment? Are you stuck in Joypad Purgatory? Up until this, point, yes. However, HKS – which is far better known tuning parts and services for real cars rather than virtual ones – is hoping to bridge the gap between joypad and wheel/pedal set with the new Playstation 3 controller it has co-developed with InterWorks.