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VIDEO: Ken Block Drops Gymkhana Five with Travis Pastrana, Big Air and Styx, Oh My!

Way back in Aught-Eight, when DC Shoes cofounder and budding rally driver Ken Block released a video of him bombing around the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station deep in the heart of Please-Don’t-Call-it-the-O.C. in his gymkhana-spec Subaru WRX STI, we doubt even he knew just how big a chord it would strike with the outside world. Millions upon millions of views and three full-fledged sequels (plus a switch from Subaru to Ford) followed, and every time the question arose: “How’s he going to top the last one?”

Some will argue that he hasn’t always improved with each subsequent video, while others will maintain that he has. Regardless of which sentiments you hold, Kenny B has just released the fifth chapter in the Gymkhana saga and, if nothing else, it’s certainly the most ambitious one yet. How so? Well, it involved closing down parts of a major American city (one that tends to look down its nose at cars, at that), for starters.

VIDEO: Ken Block Goes Hollywood with Gymkhana 4

With every Gymkhana video he releases, hoon savant Ken Block subjects himself (and the people who help make those snuff-films-for-tire-lovers a reality) to the herculean task of making each sequel top its predecessor. But so far, they’ve arguably succeeded. The first was a fairly simple affair set at an abandoned military air base deep behind the Orange Curtain. It was followed by a noticeably more outrageous flick taking place on the docks of San Pedro (Fun fact: Many SoCal natives pronounce it “San Peedro,” which is no doubt the high school Spanish teacher equivalent of a dog whistle.), while it was in turn succeeded by the franchise’s first trip outside the U.S., specifically a historic autodrome outside the City of Lights.

So how do you top that last one? Apparently, you come back to the City of Angels and make prodigious use of the resources of the region’s best known industry. Is the final result – titled Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial – sufficiently over the top, or does it fall flatter than an anorexic manta ray? Make like the General Lee and judge for yourself.