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Geiger Cars Unleashes Green Goblin Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport HP 564

Geiger Cars has an obsession. And for a German tuning company it is unprecidented. These folks specialize in importing American muscle cars and trucks and adding in a bit of German engineering know-how. Their latest besessenheit is the Chevy Camaro SS. The stock 426hp just wasn’t cutting it so they boosted output to 564hp. And just so nobody will mistake their efforts with the standard fair, they doused the car in a swashbuckling green with black striping and some random numbering.

It’s not American if you don’t “Throw some D’s on it”, so Geiger gives the Camaro new 22-inch black alloy shoes. An aero kit with front spoiler lip, side skirts and revised rear bumper with integrated air diffuser instill a more aggro look.

VIDEO: German Motoring Show Searches for the Best Tuner Car for…Robbing a Bank?

In times as tumultuous as these, we’d be shocked, to say the very least, if the majority of statisticians didn’t report a noticable uptick in bank heist attempts over the past couple years. And while we obviously don’t endorse criminal activity of any variety, we can’t help wondering if there is such a thing as the perfect getaway car for such a task. Thankfully, it turns out we aren’t the only ones suffering from this perverse curiousity. In fact, the German hoons at GRIP were very, very interested in answering this question.

How do we know this? Well, for starters it appears they commendeered a disused military base complete with town-like sections of buildings and streets to test a vehicle’s agility, plus some long, wide runways for high speed running. Secondly, they’ve assembled a superstar collection of getaway vehicles (tuned models from Audi, Dodge and Porsche), plus one very special police car with which to play the game of cops & robbers about which young gearheads can only dream. So grab some poppin’ corn and make the jump for the video and an explanation of what’s going on, since all the dialogue is auf Deutsch. (Our friends who took Spanish instead in high school are totally jealous right now…maybe.)

MKB P1000 Boosts the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series to 1,015 Rabid Horses

Mercedes-Benz’s SL65 AMG Black Series is, let’s face it, already 58 kinds of bat guano. With 670hp, 738 lb.-ft of torque, flared fenders to accommodate larger rolling stock and a fixed roof to improve chassis rigidity, it’s the automotive equivalent of someone who really should be fitted for a straitjacket. But what if that’s not bonkers enough for you? What if you want the automotive equivalent of someone who ought to be strapped in bed and on a slow drip of heavy sedatives?

German tuner MKB may just have something that fits the bill in the form of the P1000. This little number is based on the aforementioned SL65 AMG Black Series, but has been fitted with some enhancements that up the lunacy quotient. The most attention-getting of these upgrades, naturally, lie under the big white hood, and pump the 6.0L twin-turbo V12 up to a just-this-side-of-adequate 1,015hp. How’d they get that kind of number? Make like the readouts on the dyno and jump!

Fantasy ‘Evening the Score’ Shootout: Mercedes E63 AMG vs Geiger Cars Camaro SS Kompressor

A few weeks ago the greatest show on television, Top Gear, let us down. Richard Hammond was testing the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS, and not in some podunk, patriotic, Southern-cliche town in America, but on the TG test track. Rarely do we see a car from our country driven by the automotive authority that is TG, let alone one that costs 30 grand. It was all fun and games until Richard called up a car to compare it to, a “German muscle car”, which turned out to be the 2010 Mercedes E63 AMG. One of our budget-priced powerhouses was about to go up against an athletic specimen built in a laboratory using the best materials money can buy. And it lost. (Watch it here.)

We don’t think this was a fair fight, so we want to even things out. If you’re fighting a German-built super-sedan, you should use a German-built super Camaro, specifically the Geiger Cars Camaro SS Kompressor. Today we bring you a rematch of Chevrolet Camaro SS vs Mercedes E63 AMG, and this time the Camaro should get to use the same “supplements” as the Mercedes.

You Won’t Tire of Geiger Cars’ Hummer H2 Bomber

Regardless of what your opinion of the Hummer H2 may be, we can personally verify that the larger of the two models offered by GM’s soon-to-be-euthanized in-your-face pickup and SUV brand has legitimate off-roading chops. Of course, there are only so many custom touches that can be made to this leviathan, and over the years pretty much every single one has been. What hasn’t the aftermarket done to the H2? If you answered bolt on a quartet of tank-style tracks in place of wheels and gussy up the exterior in a crypto-WWII bomber motif, give yourself a gold star, though even that theme has now brought to life by Germany’s Geiger Cars.

The most obvious change, of course, is the set of four Mattracks 88M1-A1 rubber tracks. At 15.75” wide and 59” long, the tracks serve up superb traction on just about any surface. Wolfgang Blaube, editor of the German car magazine Autobild took it out on the snow-covered Nürburgring Nordschleife in the middle of winter and remarked that the experience opened his eyes to “a new dimension of fun.”

Essen Motor Show 2009: Geiger Cars Unveils 790 Horsepower Ford GT

Geiger Cars is a German tuner with a true penchant for American cars and trucks. Their website looks like an amalgamation of the entire domestic auto industry. Basically, they import vehicles that are appealing to local and other European markets, provide some serious tuning flavor and resell their creations. Geiger Cars’ latest offering is their second pass at the Ford GT retro supercar. This time they have managed to push the 5.4-liter V8 engine up to 790 hp and 637 pounds-feet of torque. Therefore, this vehicle is aptly named the Geiger HP 790. Sprints from 0-62 mph take just 3.6 seconds with a top speed of 223 mph.

This juiced Ford is able to put up these impressive stats due to some rather extensive engine modifications. The stock 2.3-liter supercharger is replaced with a larger 4.0-liter which boosts the combustion chamber by over 1.25 bars. Bigger throttle valves and a sports filter were added to provide better engine breathing. The cooling systems for the engine and gears had to be tweaked to account for the additional power. And the engine electronics were all recalibrated.

Geiger Cars Chevrolet Camaro SS Kompressor – 568 HP of German-Tuned American Muscle

Germany’s Geiger Cars is a US auto importer that has been tinkering with American muscle cars and trucks for almost 30 years. Their tuning chops are well established and Geiger has modified everything from Hummers to the Ford GT. One of our favorite creations is their 809 hp Corvette Z06 Wild Thing. So, it’s really no surprise that they have recently taken a special interest in America’s hottest selling sports car, the Chevy Camaro.