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The Top 25 Coolest Garages on Earth

We generally try to avoid using this little rest stop on the Information Autobahn as a bully pulpit, but if you have a sweet car, you really should keep it in a sweet garage. No, we’re not asking you to erect a 10,000 square foot temple of zoom that has diamonds mixed in the floor concrete and mahogany wall paneling with gold leaf detailing, but we are asking you to refrain from parking your Ferrari, Bentley or whatever next to the Great Wall of Pool Toys. You know, something you wouldn’t be ashamed of your fellow gearheads seeing.

This is not to say, however, that you shouldn’t build a Garage Mahal if you have the resources and desire to do so. Not a day goes by, in fact, that we don’t fantasize about our idea of the ultimate garage that we would build if we were up to our foreheads in f*ck-you money. Of course, there are lots of people who have already made those dreams a reality. Here then, in no particular order, are shots of the 25 most amazing garages on this (and possibly any other) planet. Who knows? Maybe they’ll help lower your productivity, too.

Kre House By Takuya Tsuchida Elevates Lamborghini Countach Right Into Living Room

Over the years we’ve seen a fair number of ultimate garages that have quickened our pulses –  everything from a Porsche 911 Turbo hidden beneath a garden to architectural marvels that integrate home and garage for museum-quality automobile displays. Some car domiciles have been like something out of Batman while others are fit to grace covers of high-design publications like Dwell. 

While we definitely appreciated the clean modern aesthetics of Architecture Digest and Maserati’s Ultimate Garage winner Holger Schubert’s Brentwood home, the masterpiece just completed by well-known Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida raises the game up no less than two notches.

Secret Garage – Ultimate Hidden Hideout for Porsche 911

Every now and then we come across a garage that captures our hearts and imagination. This secret garage is one of the coolest that we’ve seen. Even though the live-in Maserati Ultimate Garage was an architectural marvel, this particular hideaway would make James Bond jealous. Check out the stop-motion images of its hydraulic motor dropping the roof down flush with the ground.

Maserati Has Found the Ultimate Architectural Garage in the United States (VIDEO)

Maserati of North America, in a partnership with Architecture Digest, has just completed a nationwide search for the finest architectural garages in America. There were two categories for the competition which included EXISTING garages and CONCEPT garages. The concept garages are cool and all, but you almost need to be a building contractor to understand the schematic drawings, so we have chosen to focus on the existing car shacks. The winner of this category is none other than Holger Schubert (Archisis Inc.) in Los Angeles, CA. Below is the press release about his uber-smooth garage: