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SEMA Show 2009: Mavizen TTX02 Electric Race Bike Does 130 MPH

This year’s SEMA Show served as a launch pad for the Mavizen TTX02 electric motorcycle, a highly anticipated green bike that will test its mettle at the TTXGP race in May of next year. Azhar Hussain, whose name may be familiar as the founder of TTGXP, is the entrepreneur behind this race-bike. It’s still a rumor but it looks like the chassis of the TTX02 is based on the KTM RC8 superbike, a solid platform well known for superior handling at high speeds. As a forgone conclusion, this new dynamo should perform quite well.

The Mavizen TTX02 is powered by two Agni 95 electric motors that output a total of 100 peak horsepower. Torque should be absolutely phenomenal. Three lithium-ion battery packs provide all of the juice required. No word on the mileage yet, but it will at least be capable of running the 38 miles of the TTXGP Isle of Man race course.

BMW Motorrad Introduces C1-E Electric Scooter Concept for Safer Urban Motoring

BMW Motorrad has just introduced their new C1-E electric scooter concept as what “a safe, environment-friendly and highly practical single track vehicle for city traffic could look like in the future.” Some of you may remember the C1 scooter that was available in Europe between 2000 and 2003. Offered in two trims, the 125 (124cc) and 200 (176 cc), the original C1 purported to provide a standard of accident protection that was comparable to a European compact car, with a reinforced canopy. The party line was that this thing was so safe you didn’t even need a helmet. The C1 was off to the races with sales over 10,000 in 2001. However, due to very poor sales the following year, production ceased in 2002 as market demand cooled.

The BMW C1-E Concept, like it’s predecessor, features a fully-enclosed cabin with built-in rollover protection, a front-end impact zone, a four-point safety belt and a low center of gravity. In the years since the C1 was released, BMW Motorrad has advanced a host of electronic aids such as integrated ABS, Traction Control, Tire Pressure Control and Anti-Slip Control. BMW is even toying with the idea of “forward-looking rider assistance systems” that help with cross-traffic and traffic light guidance as well as warning alerts for road hazards, emergency vehicles, sudden braking or advancing bad weather.

Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle Is Now Officially Available (VIDEO)

Electric motorcycles are catching on like wildfire. Traditional motorbikes are pretty fuel efficient by design but they still burn petrol and have harmful emissions. So, if you are a looking for a chance to do your part to save the planet, check out the new Brammo Enertia. This is an electric vehicle that runs on lithium phosphate batteries, has a power output the equivalent of 13.7 horsepower and a top speed of 55 mph.

A full charge takes only 3 hours, for which you are anointed with a 45 mile driving range. Battery life is always an issue, but these are good for 35,000 miles of driving, meaning the average user will get 10 years of use out of them. Most people will probably have upgraded to the next generation long before failure. However, if you are someone who buys things and uses them until they disintegrate, at today’s market prices, a new set of lithium phosphate batteries would run you around $3,000.

MotoCzysz E1pc Electric Superbike With iPhone Dashboard

The MotoCzysz E1pc has been branded as the world’s first “Digital Superbike.” According to founder Michael Czysz, this bike can accelerate to 120 mph in just “seven or eight seconds.”  That’s basically as fast as the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000, but with zero emissions!

The E1pc incorporates 10 battery packs and 3 motors as the power source. It also garners chassis and suspension knowledge from the original research done for MotoCzysz’s now defunct MotoGP project. This might very well be the fastest electric motorcycle ever made. Time will tell whether it can dethrown the current champ, the Mission One with it’s 150 mph top speed.