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E3 2012: Top Racing Game Debuts [w/ Videos]

The 2012 edition of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) wrapped up at the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday, and there was plenty of monumental video game news being announced. There were numerous sequels to beloved adventure, first-person shooter and sports games, as well as some intriguing new properties like Watch Dogs, ZombiU and The Last of Us. There were also new services announced, such as Microsoft’s SmartGlass, which will allow smartphones and tablets to interface with the Xbox 360.

Of course, there were also many new racing games that had their coming out parties at E3. And because racing games are the ones we cover most closely, they’ll be the only genre you’ll see highlighted here. You want info and insight on the likes of Assassin’s Creed III or Gears of War: Judgment? There are umpteen hundred other outlets that will give you that. Anyway, on with the games that will get your motor running.

The Sexiest Booth Babes of E3 Expo 2011 [40 Pics]

The 2011 E3 Expo followed the time tested formula of massive displays, hoards of gaming stations, phenomenal exhibitions and of course, plenty of booth babes representing the various studios and vendors. Cosplay is always in full effect and characters and costumes were in abundance. In any case, check out the pictures of the promo models after the jump…

E3 Expo 2011: Forza Motorsport 4 Raises the Console Racing Sim Stakes [w/ Video]

Since Gran Turismo 5 has been on store shelves for about half a year now, you had to know that sooner or later that info on the next installment in the Forza Motorsport franchise would drop. We got a taste of what to expect at last year’s E3 in the form of a tech demo utilizing the Kinect motion controller, but not much news after that.

Fast forward to this year’s E3, though, and Forza developer Turn 10 has spilled a whole can’s worth of beans on Forza Motorsport 4. And it turns out there’s a lot more to it than being able to drive without a controller.

E3 Expo 2010: HKS Racing Controller for Sony PS3 Hypes Up Your Gaming Experience

When it comes to playing racing games, a good steering wheel and pedal set is a nearly idiotproof way to help lower lap times and improve consistency. Unfortunately, such peripherals are not without their foibles. If you want a decent, high-quality setup you’ll have to shell out at least $100, and if you want them arranged in an ergonomic fashion, you’ll have to set aside a good chunk of space and, if you’re really hardcore, invest in a cockpit or chair.

But what if you don’t want to make that kind of financial or spatial commitment? Are you stuck in Joypad Purgatory? Up until this, point, yes. However, HKS – which is far better known tuning parts and services for real cars rather than virtual ones – is hoping to bridge the gap between joypad and wheel/pedal set with the new Playstation 3 controller it has co-developed with InterWorks.

E3 Expo 2010: Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit Takes Franchise Back to Its Roots [w/Video]

If we had to name one racing game franchise that has lost the plot of late, it would have to be Electronic Arts’ erstwhile genre-leader, the Need for Speed series. All was well in the beginning, when the focus of the titles in the main canon was on a variety of supercars going fast and, with the exception of Need for Speed II and Need for Speed II: SE, running from the Man. (There were occasional deviations from the formula like the V-Rally games and Porsche Unleashed.)

But gradually, the creators attempted to reinvent the series, increasing the focus on tuner cars, drifting and other fads, pushing the simple-but-effective cops vs. racers in high end cars formula aside in pursuit of being more things to more people. By and large, this strategy has backfired, with more and more longtime players pining for a return to the tried-and-true philosophy. Well, at this year’s E3 show in L.A., those diehards learned their salvation was at hand.

E3 Expo 2010: XBOX Forza Motorsport 3 VIP Preview Event Featuring Kinect

The ID Agency held a special VIP party for Microsoft XBOX and Forza Motorsport 3 on Wednesday to give folks a chance to try out the new Kinect system without standing in a line for 2 hours or battling through the hordes. Turn 10 Studios has been working with the magic of the new “Kinect” technology, combined with the power of the Forza Motorsport series, to explore how players can race and interact with their dream cars in the most immersive and realistic automotive experiences ever imagined. After 5 years of console racing excellence, Turn 10 has raised the bar once again. So now users are able to hop inside their dream cars and get closer to the racing action than ever before – without the use of a controller.

While the Kinect system is not perfect, and is still in preliminary stages, the potential for games like Forza Motorsport 3 is outstanding. With Kinect, you are able to drive and race by simply by putting your hands in front of you at 10 and 2. You can move your head to look around the interior. You can even look into the corners as you turn. As you’d expect, this experience is running in beautiful HD at a seamless 60 fps.

E3 Expo 2010: Booth Babes & Promo Models Galore!

E3 Expo 2010 was more noteworthy this year than in the memorable past, with the push toward motion-sensitive controllers and devices in full swing. Kinect for the Microsoft XBOX and Move for the Sony PS3 absolutely wowed the attendees (as well as made any eager participant look spastic) and 3D gaming definitely showed strong promise. And as always, there was bevy of hot girls promoting various brands, games and accessories. 

The booth babes and promo models got into the full swing of the gaming vibe with plenty of roll-playing. There was no shortage of fantasy characters and superheroes represented. Check out the photos after the jump for a little glimpse into the world that was E3 Expo 2010

VIDEO: Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Teases a Little New Stuff Ahead of E3

One of the unfortunate truth’s about the blockbuster racing game Gran Turismo 5 is that, if it were a spouse in couple’s therapy, its mate would almost certainly describe it as “distant” and “uncommunicative.” Other than a few updates here and there (some from series creator/director Kazunori Yamauchi, some not), the gestation of the latest and rumored-to-be greatest installment in the groundbreaking franchise has been kept under more wraps than a sumo wrestler attending a toga party where deep-fried Double Downs are merely the appetizers.

However, with the gimongous industry pow-wow that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 to its friends) kicking off tomorrow here in Los Angeles, Sony and developer Polyphony Digital have decided to throw the fans a bone in the form of a new GT5 trailer. Well, “new” in the sense there’s some heretofore unseen clips of tracks on the streets of Rome and the hills of Tuscany. Mixed in with these vignettes are previously seen looks at the likes of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and the Ferrari 458 Italia, as well as NASCAR at Indianapolis and Super GT at Tsukuba Circuit. Make the jump to see it all in glorious motion.