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Geiger Cars Unleashes Green Goblin Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport HP 564

Geiger Cars has an obsession. And for a German tuning company it is unprecidented. These folks specialize in importing American muscle cars and trucks and adding in a bit of German engineering know-how. Their latest besessenheit is the Chevy Camaro SS. The stock 426hp just wasn’t cutting it so they boosted output to 564hp. And just so nobody will mistake their efforts with the standard fair, they doused the car in a swashbuckling green with black striping and some random numbering.

It’s not American if you don’t “Throw some D’s on it”, so Geiger gives the Camaro new 22-inch black alloy shoes. An aero kit with front spoiler lip, side skirts and revised rear bumper with integrated air diffuser instill a more aggro look.