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The Top 15 Cars for Street Racing

The first automobile race, as the old yarn claims, occurred shortly after the second automobile was built. While the accuracy of this anecdote is, to put it gently, questionable, it wouldn’t at all be a reach to assume the first race took place on a public road. It would take a few years before someone would suggest racing cars on dirt ovals designed for horses, and the first racecourse designed specifically for motorcars – England’s Brooklands circuit – wasn’t constructed until 1907, a full 21 years after Karl Benz received a patent for his self-propelled tricycle that was steered with a tiller from the comfort of a park bench.

But even after the invention of permanent circuits, street racing has endured; sadly, there are far fewer legal street races (with roads closed to traffic and temporary barriers set up) staged than there are illegal ones. While we here at Sub5Zero unequivocally do not endorse illegal street racing (mainly because our legal department – which is comprised of a magic 8-ball and a law school textbook written around the time Ralph Nader started potty training – says we shouldn’t), we realize we can’t reach out of your monitor and bitchslap you for deciding to do it anyway. If you truly insist on endangering the safety of yourselves and others and risking getting your ass thrown in the pokey (You do know why they call it that, right?), at least do so in something that has a decent chance of winning. Something like one of these fine rides.

The Top 10 Cars for Getting the Girl of Your Dreams

An obscure Texas trio made it widely known that women dig a well-clothed chap. However, wardrobe isn’t the only means of make the ladies lock their eyes on you; what you drive can also play a significant role in modern courtship. Dating does, after all, rely heavily on first impressions, and making a good one – be it your threads, ride, greeting, whatever – could make the difference between an evening filled with awkward silence and an evening filled with awkward friskiness.

This is not to say that there aren’t women out there whose only criteria are immaterial things like sweetness and a sense of humor (and we’d really, really like to meet those gals). But if you show up in a Plymouth Horizon wearing its original Diahrrea Metallic paint and held together with dental floss, Great Stuff and street signs obtained via means of ambiguous legality, the odds of her asking you in after you bring her home are gonna be pretty slim. What’s more, the kind of vehicle you drive might not mesh well with the kind of girl you’re after; ladies who wear “No Blood for Oil!” shirts, for instance, seldom go on second dates with guys who roll up in lifted pickups. Just like in advertising, knowing your target audience is crucial. Here, then, are 10 automobiles guaranteed (Okay, semi-likely) to win over the sort of Fräulein you fancy.

Top 10 Best 2010 Sports Cars Under $50,000 – Part I

2009 is coming to end, which means it’s time to start planning for 2010. Most people’s resolutions include working out more, eating less, recycling and maybe saving a few kittens from a burning building. Here at Sub5zero we’re planning to have the best automotive year yet. 2009 was an incredible year for cars, but things are only going to get better. For our first Top Ten list, we picked the best sports car for 2010 in the $40,000 to $50,000 price range. Follow the jump to find out what we’re looking forward to this year. Who knows, you might even find some help for your next vehicle.