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Cars and Coffee Irvine: Classic Cars Galore

Cars and Coffee always brings out a huge selection of vintage cars, dating from the 1900s all the way to cars that haven't even been released yet (Jaguar CX-75, Lincoln MKR, Hennessey Venom). It's almost guaranteed you won't recognize at least one car every time you go, simply because of the insane variety of cars, most of which are classic, pre-1980s cars. 

To be frank, I used to find many older cars boring, dirty, and obsolete, and I'm sure some of you can relate. I just didn't find a reason to be interested in something so unrefined with so little power, that smelled like it was leaking oil all the time. However, I began to realize truly how beautiful vintage cars can be. In the present day, cars are crammed with technology to make them safer, easier to operate, and more reliable. On paper, it's a good formula, but it dulls the experience of driving to the point where a computer is steering the wheel for you. On the other hand, older cars feel much more connected to the driver; no drive-by-wire, no traction control, and sometimes not even power steering!  Even driving a 70's Corolla would be a more visceral and raw experience than driving a present day Mustang. The melody of the carburetors, the lack of excessive catalytic converters and sound deadeners, no plastic… you get the idea. There's also the novelty of owning a car from a different era, constantly reminding you of the ideologies and ideas of the past. In a way, it's like a time capsule. A badass time capsule you get to enjoy driving, that is.

Cars and Coffee Irvine: The Automotive Melting Pot

I had the pleasure of driving down to Irvine for the Cars and Coffee meet on a warm, sunny Saturday morning 2 weeks ago. If you didn't already know, Cars and Coffee is an informal meet that takes place at Mazda’s HQ parking lot every week, where gearheads from all walks of life come together to have a drink of coffee and enjoy automotive culture. You can find about any type of vehicle in the meet; muscle, Italian, motorcycles, Le Mans racers, imports, and even concept cars! Did I mention it was free?