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The Top 10 Canadian Market Cars of All Time

Considering it’s one of our two next-door neighbors, it shouldn’t be surprising that much of Canada’s motoring history looks a lot like that of the United States of America. Many...

2009 Conquest Knight XV – World’s Largest Fully Armored SUV

I must say, we were very surprised by the number of e-mail inquiries we received concerning the article we wrote on the BMW X5 Security Plus armored SUV. We’re not sure if they came from soccer moms concerned about their little tikes or unsavory characters, but nevertheless, as an ode to those drivers looking to tackle the perils of pothole-lined streets and carjackers we would like to introduce you to the 2009 Conquest Knight XV. This behemoth is the world’s largest, most luxurious, handcrafted, biofuel-powered fully armored SUV. First seen at the SEMA Show in November of 2008, these wicked cool trucks are ready to punk every other vehicle on the road.