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Design+Industry Strike Trike Straddles the Line between Supercar and Superbike [w/ Video]

There’s a good chance your first ride was a tricycle. And there should be no mystery as to why they’re so popular: They combine the simplicity and maneuverability of a two-wheeled vehicle with the stability of a four-wheeled vehicle. Trikes are pretty much the optimum mobility solution for tykes on the go.

But what about the transportation needs of adults? Sadly, three-wheelers get pushed to the periphery for us mature audiences. However, trikes seem to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance among designers and manufacturers. This group of three-wheeler true believers includes the Australian firm Design+Industry, which has unveiled the racy looking Strike Trike seen here.

The Top 10 Hot Rod Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks, by design, are beasts of burden. They usually give up things like a cushy ride, fuel economy that won’t give a Greenpeace member facial tics and handling that doesn’t resemble that of a Panamax container ship in exchange for the ability to carry large amounts of cargo. Again, that’s usually the case.

Sometimes, though, automakers get a little sauced, and instead of putting a lampshade on their heads, they ask themselves, “What if we made a high performance version of our pickup truck?” It’s happened more times than you might think; enough times, in fact, to warrant the following top 10 list.