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Arden Jaguar F-Type Coupe is a Gritty Kitty

The Jaguar F-Type Coupe might very well be the pants-tightening-est car being built today. Its styling contains some callbacks to the three series of E-Type coupes that preceded it, but...

The Top 20 Tuner Cars of 2013

Year after year, the automotive aftermarket manages to top itself. Tuner cars keep getting sharper-looking, more-powerful, more luxurious, and altogether more extraordinary compared to their showroom-standard counterparts. The year 2013...

Arden AR8 City-Roader is a Provocative Range Rover Evoque

Seven years ago, Charles Spencer (aka “Spen“) King, the designer of the original Range Rover and a giant of the British car biz, was on his soapbox. He lamented that the progeny of the iconic go-anywhere vehicle he created (and other SUVs, for that matter) had been hijacked by the lapdogs and sunglasses-that-cover-half-your-face set, indignantly professing that the Range Rover was “never intended as a status symbol but later incarnations of my design seem to be intended for that purpose.”

Six years later, Spen King was dead at the age of 85 and, despite his sentiments, the SUV-as-asphalt-jungle-cruiser genie ain’t going back in the bottle, at least not in lands where running water, electricity and at least one McDonald’s in every town is a given. Perhaps nothing drives home this new reality better than the brand-spanking new baby Range Rover, the Evoque. However, it’s not so new that at least one tuner hasn’t been able to work its magic on one.